Power Up with Style: 3 Best External Batteries from Moshi

 3 Best External Batteries from Moshi

When it comes to tech products people usually just go with the flow when it comes to style and design. They like their iPhones and iPads to look good, but the accessories usually just serve a purpose. If you are looking for the best external batteries to charge your iPhone on the go, you may not pay much attention to design. But Moshi wants you to love the way your accessories look just as much as you love the design of your iDevices. This design dedication is noticeable with the Moshi IonBanks.

IonBank 3K  ($64.95)

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The IonBank 3K is a compact power-on-the-go accessory for the stylish person. Encased in soft, vegan leather, the IonBank 3K houses 3,200mAh worth of power and uses its quick-charge feature to charge your iPhone fast. There is even a smart-charge feature that will charge your phone and the IonBank at the same time when plugged it's into an outlet. Use the attached Lightning Connector to charge your phone and the USB attachment to add power to the bank.


IonBank 5K  ($79.95)

Using the same smart-charge technology but with a different style, the Moshi IonBank 5K can double your iPhone’s life. They style is reason enough to own the IonBank 5K, but durability and power add even more to the picture. Hidden away you will find a Lightning Connector and USB attachment that can help you store up to 5,150 mAh worth of power, making it one of the best external batteries for iPhone.


IonBank 10K  ($99.95)

Having power on the go is very important, especially if you don’t plan to be near a charger at all times. Enter the Moshi IonBank 10K—a 10,300 mAh portable charger. While this sleek power bank has the power to charge your phone a few times over, the brushed aluminum and leather accents make it stylish. The attached Lighting Connector can charge your iPhone four times and your iPad from empty to full. All Moshi IonBanks use Smartcharge technology that allows you to have your bank charging even while it charges your device. The smart aspect of Smartsense tech is that it delegates the power from your outlet to your phone, once your phone is fully charged, the bank will only then start to recharge itself.

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