How to Use Apple’s New Measure App in iOS 12 on Your iPhone

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One of my favorite new features in iOS 12 is the handy Measure app. Apple's new measurement app uses augmented reality (AR) to function as a tape measure and level all in one. You'll be able to use this app once you update to the latest operating system as long as you have an iPhone SE or iPhone 6S or later. In this tip we'll go over how to use the Measure app on iPhone and iPad to take measurements; we'll cover how to use the level feature in another tip. Let's get started learning how to use Apple's new, free Measure app. 

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  • Open the Measure app.
  • Make sure Measure is highlighted at the bottom of your display.

measurement appdistance measurement app

  • You'll see instructions on the screen to move your iPhone to Start; once you move your device, you'll see a white dot and a plus sign appear.
  • Position the white dot over the place you'd like to start your measurement and tap the plus sign, then move your device to the point where you want to stop measuring and tap the plus again; you'll see a yellow dotted line as you move your iPhone or iPad.

room measurement apptape measure app

  • If you'd like to measure from the end point of your last measured line, tap the plus sign while the white point is over the previous endpoint, then move your phone again to create another measurement as before.
  • To take a photo of your completed measurement, tap the shutter release button to the right of the plus sign.

height measurement approom measurement app

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