How to View & Sort Your Apple Watch Workout History

The Apple Watch is the ideal accessory for on-the-go people who need a workout watch that offers both functionality and durability. With handy features including fitness tracking, health monitoring, and the ability to play music, the Apple Watch offers everything an athlete needs to stay informed and motivated about activity levels and fitness. The Activity app for Apple Watch tracks data about your workouts each day, then archives that information for future reference. Let's get started learning how to view your Activity app workouts, so you can sort your data and have the fitness information you need at your fingertips. 

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  • To view your Apple Watch workout history, open the Activity app on your iPhone. 
  • Tap on Workouts.

apple watch workout appbest apple watch apps

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In Workouts, you'll be able to view a summary of your exercise activity. You'll see the number of workouts, time spent, and calories burned per month, as well as the average length of workout and the average amount of calories burned. To see more detail and sort by workout:

  • Tap on All Workouts in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on the workout you'd like data about; in this case, I chose Yoga.

apple watch activityactivity tracker app

  • Now you can view all the data your Activity app has collected for this type of workout.

Tap on a specific workout to view more information, or tap an additional workout type to view information about that as well. Here, I've tapped All Workouts again, then tapped Indoor Walk as well as Yoga.

apple watch activity

Now you can view and compare the data from all your different types of workouts over time!

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