How to Use New Apple Watch Exercise: Time to Run

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Apple Fitness Plus subscribers may have already noticed new workouts available in Workout, the Apple Watch exercise app. In addition to adding new episodes of Time to Walk, where you can listen to celebrities talk while you go on a walk, you can pick up the pace with Time to Run. Here’s how to try it!

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Time to Run: How to Start Workout on Apple Watch

While Time to Walk is a podcast workout hybrid where celebrities tell stories while they walk and you listen to while you walk, Time to Run is a proper running workout led by Apple Fitness Plus coaches. To start it:

  1. Tap Workouts on your Apple Watch.

    Tap Workouts on your Apple Watch - apple watch treadmill
  2. Select Fitness+.

    Select Fitness+ - running distance tracker app
  3. At the top, you'll see the latest episode of Time to Walk, and right underneath is the latest episode of Time to Run. Under the latest episodes, tap Time to Run.

    running distance tracker app
  4. Select the episode you want to hear.

    Select the episode you want to hear.
  5. Tap Start.

    Tap Start - apple fitness review
  6. Select the Bluetooth device you wish to listen on if you aren’t automatically connected.

    Select the Bluetooth device you wish to listen on if you aren’t automatically connected. - run walk app
  7. The episode and the workout will begin.

Don’t forget that you need an Apple Fitness Plus subscription to do these workouts. In addition to a subscription, you will also need Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to do this.

Some of the best uses for Apple Watch are the various health and fitness features. Time to Run is an excellent addition to the many ways you can use your watch to work out. For more Apple Watch tips, sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter. Next, learn how to invite friends to compete on Apple Watch and find out how to beat them every time
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