How to Turn Off Raise to Wake on iPhone (2022)

Disable this iPhone feature to avoid accidentally turning on your flashlight from the Lock screen.

Have you ever reached into your bag or pocket to find that your iPhone flashlight has accidentally been turned on? This can be frustrating on days when you already have low iPhone battery. While you can't remove the flashlight shortcut from the lower-left corner of your Lock screen, you can disable this iPhone setting to stop it from happening. Below, we'll show you how to turn off Raise to Wake on your iPhone. 

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What Is Raise to Wake on iPhone?

Whenever you raise your iPhone to look at it, the Raise to Wake feature automatically wakes the Lock screen. On an iPhone X or later with Face ID enabled, you can then quickly view unread texts and notifications or access the flashlight icon in the lower-left corner. While this sounds pretty convenient, some people who store their iPhone in their pocket or a bag have found that their flashlight is accidentally being enabled. To stop this from happening, you can turn off the Raise to Wake setting on your iPhone. This way, you can avoid the battery drain from accidentally enabling your flashlight. Just be aware if you disable this setting, you will need to tap the screen (on iPhone X or later) or Home button (on older iPhone models) to wake it. 

How to Disable Raise to Wake on iPhone

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  1. Open the Settings app.

    Open the Settings app to disable Raise to Wake.
  2. Scroll down and tap Display & Brightness.

    Tap Display & Brightness to turn off Raise to Wake.
  3. Tap the Raise to Wake toggle to disable it. (The toggle is gray when disabled.)

    Tap the Raise to Wake toggle to disable it.

That's it! Now that you know how to control the Raise to Wake feature on your iPhone, you can easily enable and disable this feature whenever needed.

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