How to Show Battery Percentage in the iPhone Battery Widget

Is your phone’s default battery widget too small or missing percentage information? If you’re wondering how to turn on battery percentage on your iPhone, this step-by-step guide walks you through the process. In just a few taps, you’ll be able to choose your favorite version of this widget and keep battery status always visible on your Home Screen or Today View.

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How to Add Battery Percentage the iPhone Widget

If your iPhone is running on iOS 14, you’ve probably already noticed a default battery widget in your Today View. While some users like it, others prefer a larger widget that also shows the exact battery percentages.

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The great news is that you can customize your battery widget. If you’d prefer a larger widget that’s easier to see and that shows percentage information at a glance, it’s as easy as removing the default widget and adding your preferred version. 

To Delete the Default Battery Widget:

  1. From your Home Screen, swipe right to access your Today View.
  2. Tap the Edit button at the bottom of the screen or long press anywhere on your Today View.

  3. When the widgets start to jiggle, tap the – icon to remove the default battery widget and verify by choosing Remove on the confirmation screen.

  4. Tap Done.

To Re-add the Battery Widget:

  1. From your Today View, tap Edit at the bottom or long press anywhere on the screen.
  2. When the widgets start to jiggle, tap the + sign at the top left of the screen to add widgets.

  3. On the Search Widgets screen, scroll down to Batteries or type it into the search tool.

  4. On the Batteries screen, swipe to see the different battery widgets available.

  5. Once you find your preferred battery widget, tap on Add Widget.

  6. Tap Done.

How to See Battery Percentage on the iPhone Home Screen

Once you’ve customized the battery widget on your Today View, you may want to keep better track of your battery usage by moving the widget to your Home Screen.  Here’s how you can do that:

  1. From the Today View, tap Edit at the bottom or long press anywhere on the screen.

  2. When the widgets start to jiggle, hold the battery widget until it becomes larger and drag it to your Home Screen.

  3. Tap Done.

With the larger battery widget, you can easily view the status of your iPhone and other connected Bluetooth devices. Whether you keep this widget in your Today View or move it to your Home Screen, it’s a handy tool that helps you manage your device usage and keep better track of battery life. If you find your iPhone is losing battery rather quickly, check out our article on easy fixes for battery drain! Next, learn about the 10 coolest widgets you can add to your Lock Screen once you download iOS 16!

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