How to Clear Google Maps History & Apple Maps History

What to Know

  • To clear your Google Maps history, tap your icon in the app, then tap Maps History in Settings. Click the little box that says Delete to choose what history to delete.
  • To clear Apple Maps history, tap the Search bar, tap More next to Recents, then tap Clear next to any section you want to delete.

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Both Apple Maps and Google Maps store search history on your iPhone. This makes it easy to find places you’ve been and quickly get directions to them again. But you don't have to keep old location history. Here’s how to clear history on Google Maps and Apple Maps.

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How to Clear Apple Maps History on iPhone

You may want to keep a record of every place you've looked up in the Apple Maps app, but if you don't, it's fairly easy to delete your iPhone Maps history. Here's how to delete your map search history in Apple Maps. 

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  1. Open the Apple Maps app.

    tap apple maps app to see apple map history
  2. Tap the Search bar.

    tap search bar to see apple map history
  3. Tap More next to Recents.

    tap more to see all apple map history
  4. Tap Clear next to a timeframe you'd like to clear. That search history will disappear from your list. Scroll down to see and delete older search history.

    tap clear to delete map history iphone
  5. To delete an individual entry, swipe left on it and then tap Delete.

    swipe left to delete individual search in iphone maps history
  6. Tap the X by Recents to return to the Maps screen for a new search.

    tap x to close iphone maps history

The record of places you swiped left on and tapped Delete will disappear, along with any section you tapped Clear next to. If there are any locations in your Maps history that you want to save, add them to your Apple Maps favorites.

How to Clear Google Maps History on iPhone

It's not quite as easy to figure out how to clear your history from Google Maps, but it is doable.  This is one point for Apple in the Apple Maps vs. Google Maps debate, but there are many factors to consider when choosing which one you like better. Here's how to delete Google Maps search history.

  1. Open the Google Maps app.

    open google maps app to clear google maps search history
  2. Tap your Google account icon up by the Search bar.

    tap your icon next to search bar to clear google maps search history
  3. Tap Settings.

    tap settings to clear google maps search history
  4. Scroll down and tap Maps History under Account Settings.

    tap maps history to clear google maps search history
  5. Tap Delete.

    tap delete to clear google maps search history
  6. Select the range you want to delete from the list. This is how to delete recent searches on Google Maps. In my case, I chose to delete only today, but you can tap Delete custom range and then set the range however you want.

    tap your date range of choice to delete that portion of google maps search history
  7. You'll get a notification that the range you selected has been deleted. Tap Got It.

    tap got it to confirm your google maps history deletion

​​​​​​Now you know how to delete Google Maps history, and how to clear map search history in Apple Maps, too! For more easy iPhone tutorials, like what to do if Apple Maps is not working, check out our free Tip of the Day newsletter.


  • Can you make Google Maps the default on iPhone? Apple doesn't currently allow you to change your default maps app, but you can make Google Maps your default map by making Chrome your default browser and making Google Maps your default map from there.
  • Can you blur out your house on Google Maps and Apple Maps? You need to report a problem to Google to submit a blurred picture of your house on Google Maps, but you can email Apple directly to blur out your home on Apple Maps.
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