How to Check Your iPhone's Battery Health

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Want to check your iPhone's battery health? Apple landed in hot water with customers a few years ago when a feature designed to slow the processors of older iPhone models to keep them from suddenly shutting down came to light. Critics maintained that Apple was throttling the speed of earlier iPhone models to push customers toward newer devices, while Apple insisted that the feature was necessary to cope with aging batteries. Now, Apple lets iPhone users monitor their battery life. You can also enable a feature that reduces aging by optimizing how your battery behaves when charging. Let's get started with how to check your iPhone's battery health. It's quick and easy, and a valuable piece of information about your device. If you like tips on charging, we can also help debunk charging myths and give you guidance on how to safely use non-Apple chargers.

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How to Perform a Battery Check on an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Battery.

    iphone batterythrottling
  3. Now tap on Battery Health.
  4. You'll see your battery capacity next to Maximum Capacity.

    How to Check Your iPhone's Battery HealthHow to Check Your iPhone's Battery Health
  5. From here, you can also toggle on Optimized Battery Charging.

    How to Check Your iPhone's Battery Health

The Maximum Capacity tells you your iPhone battery's capacity as compared to the capacity it had when it was brand new. 

If your battery's maximum capacity has dropped below 80%, a message like this will pop up on your screen if you experience an unexpected shutdown:

peak battery performance 

You can tap Disable to turn off battery throttling on your iPhone; but at this point, you may want to consider replacing your battery to improve your iPhone's performance and the amount of time it can operate between charges.

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