How to Turn Off iPhone Optimized Battery Charging

iPhone Optimized Battery Charging is designed to improve battery life. There are various benefits to keeping your iPhone's optimized charging enabled, but you can charge your phone faster if you turn charging optimization off. We'll show you how to turn off Optimized Battery Charging if you'd like to do so.

Why You'll Love This Tip:

  • Turn off Optimized Battery Charging to speed up charging if you're in a hurry.
  • Keep Optimized Battery Charging enabled as much as possible to improve your long-term battery life.

How to Turn Off Optimized Battery Charging

System Requirements

This tip works on iPhones running iOS 16 or later, but some of the steps below apply to only the iPhone 15 or newer. Find out how to update to the latest version of iOS.

What is Optimized Battery Charging? When this function is enabled, your iPhone will delay charging past 80% in certain situations. This is recommended for improved battery life, since it will prevent your battery from degrading faster. If you are wondering how to keep your battery healthy on iPhone, my first recommendation would be to leave Optimized Battery Charging enabled. However, in situations where you need your iPhone to be charged to full quickly, temporarily enabling it is an option. For more iPhone battery tips, such as the answer to "is fast charging bad for iPhone?", sign up for our Tip of the Day newsletter. Now, here's how to disable Optimized Battery Charging:

  1. Open the Settings app, and scroll down and tap on Battery.

    iphone settings with a red box around battery
  2. If you are using an iPhone 15 or newer, you will have two options here. If you are using an iPhone 14 or older, please skip to step 4. Otherwise, tap Charging Optimization.

    iphone battery settings with a red box around Charging Optimization
  3. Select either 80% Limit or None. 80% Limit will make it so that your iPhone only charges to 80% and stops. This can help preserve the battery. If you want your iPhone to always charge 100% with no delay, select None.

    iphone battery Charging Optimization settings with a red box around 80% Limit and None options
  4. If you are using an iPhone 14 or older, tap Battery Health & Charging.

    iphone battery settings with a red box around Battery Health & Charging
  5. Tap the Optimized Battery Charging toggle to turn it off. Green means optimized charging is on, gray means it's turned off.

    iphone battery health and charging settings with a red box around Optimized Battery Charging toggle
  6. Select Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off, whichever you prefer. Turn Off will keep charging optimization off until you turn it back on again.

    iphone battery health and charging settings displaying a prompt that is asking the user to confirm that they want to disable optimized battery charging with a red box around Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off

Once you make a selection, your changes will save automatically. If you decide to turn Optimized Battery Charging on again, you can enable it again as necessary using these same steps. While we're on the subject of iPhone battery life, it's a good idea to check out the latest guidance on what to do if your iPhone battery is draining fast if that's a problem you run into regularly, especially after an iOS update!

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