How to Boost the Volume on Your iPhone

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Are you using your iPhone as a speaker while you listen to music, and wishing there was a little more oomph to the the audio? Here's a quick trick to get an audio boost for your iPhone's speakers when just turning up the volume isn't cutting it. Essentially, this tip works by suppressing the bass tones of the audio, so you'll hear softer sounds more clearly. 

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Late Night is so titled because it enables you to hear sound better at a lower volume. So if you have Late Night selected for your EQ setting, you'll notice a small but significant difference in loudness on your iPhone. This tip is ideal for those times when you are without headphones or a speaker.

To give your iPhone audio a boost:

  • Open Settings and select Music.
  • Under the Playback category, tap EQ.
  • From the list, select Late Night.

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