How to Avoid Toll Roads in Apple Maps with iOS 10

How to Avoid Toll Roads in Apple Maps with iOS 10

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Apple Maps is finally catching up to Google Maps. With iOS 10, you can avoid tolls in Apple Maps more easily by changing a setting. Previously, the only way to avoid toll roads in Apple Maps was to look at the available routes and choose one that indicated it was toll-road free. Or use Google Maps to avoid tolls. But with iOS 10 and later, you can avoid tolls in Apple Maps because the changed setting automatically directs you to a route without toll roads. You can still select a toll road, but Apple Maps gives you the option to avoid them before suggesting you take a toll-road-ridden route. Here’s how to avoid toll roads in Apple Maps with iOS 10 on iPhone.

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How to Turn off Toll Roads in Apple Maps

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Tap Maps.

  • Select Driving & Navigation.

  • Toggle on Tolls.

With this setting on, Maps will automatically give you a no toll roads route. Let’s see what that looks like in Maps:

  • Get directions as you normally would: Enter your destination and tap Directions.

  • You can see that Apple Maps has assumed you want to take a route without toll roads, so the highlighted route Apple Maps gives you is slightly longer but doesn’t have a money sign next to the route time.

  • There is another route that is shorter by about thirty minutes, but next to the route time is the dollar sign indicating it includes toll roads. If you want to save time and don’t mind spending some money, you can still tap the toll road route.

  • Otherwise, your toll-road-free route is ready to go. Tap GO to begin.

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