How to Avoid Toll Roads on Apple and Google Maps

Nobody likes toll roads. If you’ve been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, you know there’s a sneaky extra expense that comes, after the fun is over, when you try to leave. Luckily, you can navigate around those pesky wallet traps with your iPhone. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps offer alternate directions that allow you to take the (cheaper) scenic route and avoid toll roads. Especially when driving through cities you don't know, avoding toll roads using Google Maps or Apple Maps is a smart way to avoid accidental extra expenses. Here’s how to avoid toll roads using Apple and Google Maps.

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Since GPS has a bird’s eye view, it’s easy for both Google and Apple Maps to locate alternate roadways that will allow you to avoid toll roads. However, the two iOS apps offer different ways to do this. Google maps has a handy function that allows you to essentially turn off toll roads. Apple Maps on iOS 10 or later allows you to change a setting to avoid toll roads, but it can't be found within the app. Apple Maps in iOS 9 or earlier offers multiple routes and lets you know when a route you’ve selected has toll roads, which gives you the chance to select a different set of directions to avoid them. Since Orlando is infamous for its toll roads, we’ll use it as our example. Let’s take a look.

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How to Avoid Toll Roads on Google Maps

Google Maps makes it particularly easy to avoid toll roads by allowing you to turn them off.

  • If you haven’t already, download Google Maps in the App Store.

  • Open the app and search for your destination.

  • Tap the blue button or Route.

  • Sidenote: you can tap the up and down arrows next to the search boxes to switch your “from” and “to” if needed.

  • Enter your “from” address or use your current location.

  • Tap the three vertical dots right of the search boxes.

  • Select Route Options.

  • Toggle on Avoid Tolls.

  • Tap the back arrow to return to the map.

  • Tap the blue circle with a white arrow pointing up to begin navigating.

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How to Avoid Toll Roads on Apple Maps

Before iOS 10, the only way to avoid tolls with Apple Maps was to choose a different route. Apple Maps would tell you if a certain route had tolls, but it didn't give you the option to avoid them. If you're still running iOS 9 on your iPhone, click here to avoid toll roads with Apple Maps. For those of you using iOS 10, you'll be happy to know Apple Maps finally has an option for avoiding toll roads. 

How to Avoid Toll Roads with iOS 10 or later

Apple Maps lets you turn on avoid toll roads. This is done within the Settings app, which can be confusing if you're expecting to see the option within Apple Mpas. To turn toll roads off:

  • Open the Settings app on iPhone. 
  • Tap Maps. 
  • Tap Driving & Navigation.

  • Toggle on Tolls under Avoid. 


When you get directions in Apple Maps, it will automatically choose a route without tolls. However, you will still have the option to choose a toll road if there's a faster route that includes them. Toll routes are indicated by the dollar sign next to the travel time. 

How to Avoid Toll Roads with iOS 9 or earler

Apple Maps lets you know when a route has toll roads. You can then select alternate directions to navigate around them.

  • Open Maps on your iOS device. Maps is standard on iPhone, so you shouldn’t need to download it.

  • Search for your destination or starting point.

  • Tap the info box above the red pin that appears on the map.

  • Tap Directions.

  • Sidenote: you can tap the squiggle with an up and down arrow left of the search boxes to switch your Start and End destinations if needed.

  • Enter your Start location or use your Current Location.

  • Tap Route.

  • If the highlighted route has toll roads, there will be a bar at the top that reads: This road requires tolls. Select an alternate route. If the notice disappears, the alternate route is toll road free.

  • Pro Tip: For long distances, Apple maps will give fewer varied route options. If Apple maps doesn’t offer any directions that allow you to avoid toll roads, find a place along the way and ask for directions to there instead. You’ll get more options and one of the possible routes will likely offer navigation sans tolls roads.

  • Tap Start to begin.

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Most of the time, avoiding toll roads won’t add a lot of time to your trip; although, it will add some. But unless avoiding toll roads is going to add hours, it’s usually cheaper to burn a little more fuel.


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