Best SharePlay Apps for iPhone & iPad

SharePlay is a feature introduced in iOS 15.0.1 that allows users to share media, games, and more over FaceTime. However, not every app offers SharePlay capabilities, and it can be hard to know which apps are best optimized for this new feature. We've put together a list of the nine best apps for SharePlay to help get you going with this fun new option.

Best SharePlay Compatible Games & Apps

Whether you're looking for games to play on FaceTime or other ways to connect with people far away, SharePlay has many different options. Here are nine of the best SharePlay apps to help enrich your video chat experience. For more ways to get the most out of SharePlay, check out our Tip of the Day.

games to play over facetime

Hulu (Starting at $6.99/month)

My sister and I like to watch shows together even though we're half a country apart, and Hulu has our favorite shows. You can really choose whichever streaming service you prefer (though Netflix is a notable exception at present as it has not yet offered SharePlay support), but the Hulu app works smoothly, has many options, and is my current favorite.

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TikTok (Free)

TikTok is lots of fun, and can be even more enjoyable when you're sharing videos with someone. Even though you can always send them via direct message or a similar way, nothing beats seeing someone's reaction when you show them a video you know will make them laugh. TikTok has great SharePlay support and can be a great bonding experience.

SharePlay apps

Redfin Real Estate (Free)

It may seem a little strange for a real estate app to make this list, but hear me out. Not only does using this app over SharePlay let you show pictures and videos of potential homes to friends and family whose opinions you want, but it can also help people who are buying or renting a home together look at options when they aren't physically in the same place. Whether you just want to daydream with your far away best friend of the mansion you'll buy together someday or want to show your parents in another state the home you're about to make an offer on, SharePlay supports Redfin beautifully.

games to play on facetime

Apple Music ($9.99/month)

Funnily enough, Spotify does not currently support SharePlay. So, your go-to music sharing app is Apple Music. Create playlists together or just share a song that you've been jamming to over video call without having to worry about sound distortion or instructing the other person how to find the song in their own library.

facetime games

Apple Fitness+ ($10/month)

Do a group workout remotely! Apple Fitness+ has new SharePlay capabilities that let you and your friends all take a class together. Healthy competition can be a great motivator, or you can just cheer each other on. If you're someone who likes group classes, this is an excellent way to use SharePlay.

best apps for SharePlay

Shhh! (Free)

Shhh! is one of the best options for FaceTime games. Each player is given a role, and through questions and deduction, you must find out who the spy is. This is a great one for virtual parties and FaceTime capabilities enable you to read the other players' expressions — a must for a game like this.

share play

Doneit (Free)

Coordinating schedules can be hard enough in person, but trying to look at task lists over video chat is a whole different circus. Doneit's SharePlay capabilities simplify this process, enabling all of you to virtually look at task lists together, a great asset for workplaces and families alike.

share play compatible games

Kahoot! (Free)

Kahoot! is a great one for those with a little learner in their life. Spend quality time together playing educational games and build up your knowledge base. While this is a great option for schools and anyone with kids, it's great for all ages, so curious adults will have a great time, too.

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Do you have a favorite SharePlay app? Let us know!

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