Tip of the Day: Easily Add Up To 20 Widgets to Your iPhone or iPad

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iOS 8 finally brought the ability to customize the iPhone and iPad interface by allowing you to add widgets to the Today screen in Notification Center. In an earlier post, I explained the simple steps for doing this. You simply swipe down from the top of the display to view the Notification Center and tap on the Edit button at the very bottom. This reveals widgets that are associated with apps that you already have installed on your device. You simply tap on the green button to add a widget.

Vidget (free) is different. Instead of being an app such as ESPN Sport Center with an associated widget, its sole function is to let you easily add a bunch of widgets to your Today screen, with about 20 different widgets currently available.

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Vidget offers a variety of clock widgets; widgets related to you system (such as Free Space and Free Memory); GPS-related widgets (such as Speedometer, Compass, and Altitude); and weather widgets (Weather, Tomorrow, and Temperature). Plus, they invite you to request future widgets.

To take advantage of these widgets, download the Vidget app in the App Store. Open the app and tap on the + button at bottom center to reveal the selection of available widgets. Tap on a widget to add it. To remove a widget, you can press and hold, and then tap the x, just as you do when removing apps from your home screen.

You can change the color of the widgets by tapping the paint bucket icon at bottom left and then selecting your preferred color.

Once you've selected your widgets, swipe down to reveal the Notification Center, tap Edit at the bottom, and select Vidgets.

You'll then see your new widgets in the Today screen.

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