Edit Pictures on iPhone: How to Compare the Photo You’re Editing to the Original

The Photos app on your iPhone has so many useful functions and features. You can use this built-in photo editor to crop, adjust lighting, apply filters, and more. Sometimes, though, in the middle of editing a photo, you can start to forget how your original picture looked, and wonder if the changes you're making are really an improvement! Luckily, you can compare a before and after image while you're in the middle of editing a photo. Let's get started learning how to compare the photo you're editing to your original picture, right in the Photos app of your iPhone. 

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To edit a photo and compare it to the original picture on your iPhone:

  • Open the Photos app.
  • Select a picture you'd like to edit and tap on it.
iphone photos appiphone photo editor
  • Tap on Edit.
  • Begin to make the changes you'd like to your picture. For some excellent advice on how to edit photos on your iPhone, check out this tutorial. From left to right, the editing functions I've indicated are: rotate and crop, filters, light, color, and black and white levels, and apps.
how to edit photos on iphoneedit pictures
  • In the photo below I've applied a filter, Vivid Warm, to give my picture a vintage feel.
  • To compare this filtered photo to my original pic, all I need to do is press the image for a moment, and it will revert to the original. When I release my finger, the photo will go back to its edited state.
my photo editoredit pictures
If you like the edited version of your photo better than the original, tap Done on the lower-right corner of your display to save it. If not, tap Cancel and try a different filter or editing technique.  Once you've tapped Done and saved the changes, you'll no longer be able to view the original by pressing and holding on the image. However, you can still revert the photo to its original.

Top image credit: tiverylucky / Shutterstock.com

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