How to Create & Edit Apple Music Playlists on Your iPhone

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Creating playlists is the best way to curate songs for different events, outings, and moods. I like to create playlists with all of the albums I’ve recently downloaded, so I can see which songs I like and which songs I want to remove. You can create a workout playlist for the gym, a beach playlist for vacation, or any number of other possibilities. And with iOS 11, your friends can easily check out your public playlists too. Here’s how to create and edit Apple Music playlists on iPhone.

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How to Create and Edit Apple Music Playlists

  • Open the Music app.
  • Tap the Library tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Playlists.

To create a new playlist:

  • Tap New Playlist at the top.
  • Give the playlist a name. You can also add a description and image cover, if desired.
  • Tap Add Music.
  • From here, you can go through your entire library and add as much music all at once as you’d like. Every time to find a song or album you’d like to add to the playlist, simply tap the + sign. A check mark means the song has been added to the playlist.
  • When you’ve added all the music you want to, tap Done in the upper right corner. Tap Done again to finish editing the playlist.

To edit a playlist:

  • Tap on a playlist.
  • Tap Edit in the upper right corner.
  • To add more music, tap Add Music.
  • To delete a song from your playlist, tap the red circle and select Delete.
  • You can also rearrange the order of songs in a playlist by tapping the three horizontal lines next to a song and dragging it.

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