WWDC Rumors: New iPad Pro, AirPods, iOS 12, watchOS 5 & More

In the 84th episode, members of the iPhone Life team tell you everything you can expect Apple to announce at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference June 4. Other topics include tracking a fitness streak with the Apple Watch, storing passwords and credit cards in iCloud keychain, and trying to have a better relationship with Siri.

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What is your longest Move streak on Apple Watch? (Don't know? You can find out in the Acheivements tab in the Activity app on your iPhone. Tap on the icon that looks like an infinity sign.) Bonus question: Is it OK to be mean to Siri or other digital assistants? Email podcasts@iphonelife.com to let us know.

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Donna Cleveland:             Hi and welcome to episode 84 of the iPhone Life Podcast. I'm Donna Cleveland, editor in chief at iPhone Life.

David Averbach:                I'm David Averbach, CEO and publisher.

Sarah Kingsbury:               And I'm Sarah Kingsbury, senior web editor.

Donna Cleveland:             Each week we bring to you the best apps, top tips and great gear in the iOS world, and today we'll be talking about WWDC rumors just coming up in a couple of weeks. Apple has its Worldwide Developers Conference where usually we get a preview of the upcoming iOS, so we'll see iOS 12, as well as product announcements, so we're super excited about that, and we'll be telling you about that just in a short little while. But, first, we want to tell you about our sponsor for the episode. Our first sponsor, Scosche.

David Averbach:                Scosche has a really great line of wireless charges called the MagicMount, and how it works is they're Qi wireless chargers, but the system comes with a little metal plate that you can either stick to your phone or stick to your case or you can actually slide it in between your phone or your case and they actually have a case that has it built in as well. What it does is with that in place, you can actually magnetically stick your phone to the chargers so not only is it wirelessly charging, you can also have it as a dock that's kept in place, so you can have it in your car for navigating. You can have it by your desk and you can also have one at home. They have a whole line of these all using the same MagicMount system. It's a really great wirelessly charging solution, and so I recommend it. We will put a link to it in iphonelife.com/podcast because Scosche is a hard word to spell.

Donna Cleveland:             It is. We also should include a link to the Speck case that you mentioned, the Speck case.

David Averbach:                Yeah. Good call.

Donna Cleveland:             Speck partnered with Scosche and has just one of ... Whoa. Sorry. Hopefully that wasn't too much of a weird audio noise. They made a case that includes one of the magnetic mounts in it and it's a nice slim, yet protected case.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah. We are actually really big fans of Speck Presidio cases anyway,

Donna Cleveland:             We are.

Sarah Kingsbury:               ... So it was exciting to see them collaborate like two of our favorite brands. Check it out.

Donna Cleveland:             Yes. Moving on, we'll tell you our favorite tip of this week. As many of you know, we have a Daily Tips newsletter that's completely free, and if you sign up, you get one tip in your inbox everyday that teaches you something you didn't know how to do with your phone. You can go to iphonelife.com/dailytips to sign up. With iOS 12 coming out in the coming months, you'll especially want it because it will teach you everything new that Apple has come out with for your phone.

Donna Cleveland:             This week, we're doing a best of week where we are re-sharing some of our most popular daily tips. This one is how to save images from email and messages on your iPhone. Some of you may already know this, but it's one of those things if you don't, this will be a big breakthrough for you. If in your text message you receive a photo, you can just press and hold it and you have the option to save it. You also, if you tap the little info icon in a message thread, you'll see all of the images that have ever been shared in that thread and that's something that's ... You can do the same thing from there where you can press and hold and save any of those images so that they show up in your Photos app.

David Averbach:                If you're anything like me and you send a lot of GIFs to people and receive a lot of GIFs, it's really fun to tap that button and just see all the GIFs you sent to them over the years.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Also, if you send all those GIFs in Photos, they're taking up a lot of storage space on your device.

David Averbach:                Yeah, that's true.

Sarah Kingsbury:               If you make a habit of saving as soon as you received any photos or GIFs that you'll want to keep, then you can delete them and your Messages app won't take up as much storage space on your iPhone.

Donna Cleveland:             Yes, that's a great tip.

David Averbach:                Before we move on to our question of the week, I want to do a quick plug to our Facebook group. It's been really fun being able to connect with all of you who are currently in the Facebook group. Facebook group is a place for anybody who's part of our community to come, ask questions about their device, about products, apps, gear, whatever and you all get to answer each other's questions and we're on there as well helping answer questions. It's a really great place to connect with everybody else from the iPhone Life community to help all of us learn how to use our phones better. If you listened to the last podcast, you'll know we're also learning to use our phones better from this group. There's a lot of fun conversations, getting a lot of recommendations and cool stuff, so make sure you check it out. You can go to Facebook and just search iPhone Life group or we will also link to it in the podcast.

Donna Cleveland:             We also are going to be having a WWDC party in the Facebook group.

David Averbach:                Oh, I'm so excited for this.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, we watched the event live as probably many of you do, and so we're going to be giving live updates of our take on and analysis of what's being announced so you can follow along with us, and we can all pretend like we're hanging out together eating pizza like we will be.

David Averbach:                The other thing we're going to do and we're really excited about this, we started doing workshops which are live workshops of cool things, teaching you things you can do with your phone on different topics. We already had one that is how to get the most out of your battery, and we teach you all the new iOS 11.3 tips, and we have a few others coming up. But what we're going to do is we're going to have ... This will be a fusion event. It will be workshop/our first ever live podcast. Immediately following WWDC we're going to get on. We're going to give our ... We always do a commentary on everything announced, but we will actually be live and taking your questions. Stay tuned. If you want to be privy to all of these announcements, make sure you're on our email list so that you can do that from Tip of the Day, iphonelife.com/dailytips. We've got a lot of awesome stuff coming up.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, we're excited to get into the season of Apple announcements. Yeah. Next up, we want to share our insider question. iPhone Life Insider is our premium product. If you sign up, you get a daily video tip that goes along with the regular video tip so you can follow along. We have video guides. We'll now have a full archive of our workshops. You can also get a digital subscription. You do get a digital subscription and full archive of our magazine and you can ask Sarah your tech related questions, and she will research and help you find answers. Sarah, what was our insider question, your favorite one this week?

Sarah Kingsbury:               I-

David Averbach:                As plugged from the last episode.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Right. This is actually a fairly long question to answer, but it's the kind of thing where you really need to know all the details in order to get the most out of it. The insiders wrote, "When I purchase something online, I will get suggested email addresses from which I can choose. Then the password often will enter itself automatically. This is fine but I do not understand how to edit it if I want to. More importantly, when I enter a credit card, I can choose from a list that is remembered. My list is very long and many of the cards are out of date or repeated. If I choose to enter a new card that I'm currently using, it does not save it. The choices are listed when I tap on the auto setting usually just above the order form I am using. Please explain how this auto saving process works and how and where to edit it."

Sarah Kingsbury:               Basically you are using iCloud Keychain, which lets you save login information, WiFi information and credit card information and also your email account information, and then access it on any of your Apple devices where you're also signed into iCloud. But if it's not up to date, it's pretty useless. You can edit all of this stuff. What you can do is you can go to settings, Safari, AutoFill and here the only thing you can edit here besides choosing ... You can choose to allow AutoFill to access credit card information and contact information and things like that. But the only thing you can actually edit here is your credit card information. If you want to edit a card that's already there, you can tap on that card name and then update the information or delete it. If you want to add a new card, you just tap "add a new card." You can go through and just prune your list down to what's you're actually using and what's current and then try and keep it up to date from then on.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Then as far as contact information, you can choose whether or not Safari can use this info and you can choose which contacts card to use. Most people will have a contact card for themselves set up that allows you to use Siri. It allows you to autofill contact information. Some people like to set up a second contact card that they use for Safari AutoFill that just has the information they want for that purpose. You can decide if that's what you want to do, but you have to edit that in the Contacts app or in the contacts tab in the phone app.

Sarah Kingsbury:               As far as names and passwords, you can go to settings, accounts and passwords and you can edit the login information for any of your accounts that you can auto sign in from Safari. You can also add new accounts and passwords there. But also when you're using Safari and you log in for the first time, Safari will usually ask you if you want to save that information. If you enter a new updated password, it will ask you if you want to update that password in the saved information. If you are entering a new account for the first time, it will suggest a password and create one for you that it will then save.

Sarah Kingsbury:               That's how you edit it and a simple version of how that works. But if you keep it up to date, it can be very useful.

Donna Cleveland:             That answers some questions for me because I definitely have not kept it all up to date. There's one credit card that always is outdated that I just avoid and it'll be much nicer to go in and actually delete it.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Well, if it makes anyone whose stuff is out of date feel better, my home ZIP code is entered wrong. I made a typo and I have never gone in and fixed it. Even when I was looking through my settings to make sure what I was saying was accurate, I didn't bother to go in and change that. Yeah, so-

Donna Cleveland:             It's one of those mental block things because it's really not that hard.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Now, I'm really embarrassed now that I've confessed that to everyone, so I'm going to go and do that after this podcast.

Donna Cleveland:             Now, we're ready to move into our main theme for the episode and tell you all about WWDC rumors and what you can be expecting come June 4th. First, we want to talk about what the iOS updates, so we've got-

David Averbach:                Can I first talk about our sponsor?

Donna Cleveland:             Yes, you can.

David Averbach:                We have our second sponsor for this podcast, tablift. Let me grab their product for those of you who are watching the video. That's why I know it didn't want to me to do that. Now, I know. tablift. We're going to talk about the rumors. One of the rumors is going to be iPad. There's going to be new iPads coming out. If you're getting a new iPad or if you have a new iPad, you have to get this product. It's really convenient for if you ever want to use your iPad when you're in a reclined position, if you want to use it from a chair or when you're in bed. It holds it at just the right angle. What I found is especially if you're using it while you're in bed, you want the iPad to be tilted towards you, in most cases tilted away from you. Really affordable. I think it's the number one iPad stand on Amazon. We will link to it or you can go into Amazon and search tablift and it will come up and it's definitely a great product for all iPad users.

Donna Cleveland:             My dad has been using the tablift and is obsessed with it. He uses his iPad in bed a lot.

David Averbach:                Yeah, I do, too, and it's so convenient.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I feel like it's not conducive to two people using the iPad like watching Netflix together or something.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             But a lot of the times people on iPads are doing it solo anyway.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Sad and alone with your iPad.

David Averbach:                Wow, this turned into a really cheerful sponsorship update. Thanks a lot for that, Sarah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah, you're welcome.

Donna Cleveland:             Back to WWDC. First, let's talk about the software that's going to be announced. We'll likely see watchOS 5 for the Apple Watch, iOS 12 we'll for sure see. We'll also get tvOS update and a Mac OS update. Let's start with watchOS 5.

Sarah Kingsbury:               You just looked at me expectantly so I guess that's a cue that I'm supposed to talk about it. I guess usually with every update Apple brings out new faces. I really enjoyed the new watch faces they brought out with watchOS 4 because there was a lot of activity integration like activity tracking integration.

Donna Cleveland:             And like the Siri watch face.

Sarah Kingsbury:               And the Siri one. They could be just more Disney things or they could actually be really useful, so I'm excited to see what they bring out. Last year, Apple bought the sleep tracking company Beddit, and so people are hopeful that that means that maybe we can see some sleep tracking. I mean, now my Apple Watch, I can get two days without charging it often.

Donna Cleveland:             Really?

Sarah Kingsbury:               If the Series 4 ends up having even better battery life, then that makes sleep tracking much more possible.

David Averbach:                Yeah, I'm so like ... Would you wear your watch to bed? That seems so weird to me. It seems uncomfortable.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I have.

Donna Cleveland:             If I have a hard time sleeping, I would.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I have, yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             If I wanted to track my sleep.

David Averbach:                I've always been a fan of the products that go under your bed but I guess then if you have somebody else in the bed, it doesn't work very well and the watch probably would work. I can see that.

Sarah Kingsbury:               A lot of people are really into sleep tracking just so you know, David.

David Averbach:                I'm aware. I'm aware. I just didn't know that they wear their watches-

Donna Cleveland:             Just because you're blessed with good sleep, David.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Also, this is a really common complaint and I haven't necessarily heard rumors that Apple will fix this oversight. But I'm going to bring it up as maybe a wish. We need a podcast app for the Apple Watch.

Donna Cleveland:             We do.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             I love podcasts.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Right. Everyone loves podcasts. If you don't, you should.

Donna Cleveland:             Well, you should reevaluate your life.

David Averbach:                Are you even listening to this? I'm assuming they do. I'm just going to go to that after.

Donna Cleveland:             Right. Yeah.

David Averbach:                We are currently on a podcast.

Donna Cleveland:             We can see if we dissed people who don't like them.

David Averbach:                Yeah, yeah. That's true.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Okay. Great. That's what I was trying to avoid. We need a podcast app for the Apple Watch and maybe just some more sort of like ... What if you could dictate notes from your Apple Watch?

David Averbach:                That would be cool.

Donna Cleveland:             That would be really nice.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah. There could be a lot more sort of Apple stock apps that could be modified and put on the Apple Watch in a way that could be really useful and I'm hoping that Apple will do that. I think we can count on new fitness tracking features or health tracking in addition to sleep monitoring, even more heart rate monitoring things, maybe working with different accessories that can go on your watch to track your glucose levels, things like that would be really great.

Donna Cleveland:             One thing that I don't like about the latest Apple Watch is that while they say you have access to 40 million songs on your wrist because now you can with the GPS ... I mean, not. Sorry. With the cellular enabled Apple Watch, you can technically access all of Apple Music. You can only do that with Siri actually. If you open the Music app and look for songs, you can't do it that way, and you can only access music there that you've already downloaded to your watch. It's actually a little misleading what they're saying they're offering.

David Averbach:                There's no search function except with Siri?

Donna Cleveland:             Yes.

David Averbach:                Okay.

Donna Cleveland:             For the whole all of Apple Music. I'm hoping they do something about that as well, putting it out there.

David Averbach:                This is what I would like most for the Apple Watch, it will not be announced because it's a third party app, but I am poor, sad Spotify user who does not have an Apple Watch app, and I don't know why Spotify hasn't gotten on that yet. It'll be so nice.

Donna Cleveland:             I agree.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah, I think a lot of people agree. You know what I want? With watchOS 4, I was very excited because Apple created the ability to set a default playlist so when you start a workout that playlist just starts playing. But I misunderstood during that WWDC announcement what that meant and I was like, "Cool. I'll set up one for my running workout. I'll set up one for my weightlifting workout or for yoga." But no. You can just do one that automatically starts playing anytime you start any workout.

Donna Cleveland:             That sounds really annoying.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Well, you can work around it by starting a different playlist before you start your workout but why? Why should I have to?

David Averbach:                Yeah, that sounds like a hassle.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I hope Apple fix this then.

Donna Cleveland:             That's all we have for watchOS 5. We'll see what we get. iOS 12, the biggest, most consistent rumor we've heard is that iOS 12 will for the most part be a stability update. iOS 11 had seemed like a record number of bugs and problems so it will be nice to have a more stable iOS but sorry to disappoint you guys.

David Averbach:                In my opinion, I think iOS 11 was the worst iOS update of all time. Not only did it have so many bugs, it still haven't been fixed, it also ... What were the new features they had that came out with iOS 11? It's been a while. I don't remember any of them being particularly exciting. With iOS 7 it had a lot of bugs.

Donna Cleveland:             Being able to scan in the Notes app, stuff like that.

David Averbach:                Yeah, I didn't care. It just ruined my phone and didn't give me much in return.

Donna Cleveland:             It sounds like you really feel it, David.

Sarah Kingsbury:               A lot of people are like, "Oh, it's just a stability update." A phone that works well is actually like the number feature I want.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I am actually excited because iOS 11 was crazy buggy.

Donna Cleveland:             It was, yeah. Another interesting rumor is cross platform apps. I was seeing that also when reading up on macOS updates that there'll be iPhone and iPad apps that you can then just use exactly as is on your Mac which can make it easier when you're transferring tasks. That was pretty interesting because really Apple has for the most part really kept their desktop and mobile softwares really separate. This could be tiptoeing into merging them in certain ways.

David Averbach:                Well, that makes a lot of sense because if you use an iPhone app regularly that does not have a Mac version of the app, you can't access that information on your computer, and this would be a really cool way to ... A lot of apps sync across iOS. You can use them on iPhone or iPad but don't sync to Mac so that would be really cool-

Donna Cleveland:             And they work on Android, too, sometimes.

David Averbach:                Yeah, that would be really cool to be able to do that. I'd be excited.

Donna Cleveland:             Me, too. Parental controls is another one. We've been wanting this for a really long time so that you can control what your kids are doing on the device,

David Averbach:                Thank god.

Donna Cleveland:             ... In an effective way because we know restrictions just don't cut it.

Sarah Kingsbury:               And also one of the most popular post on our entire site is what to do if you forget your restrictions passcode.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, it's not an easy process but we can help you if this happens to you.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Right. It all needs to be simpler and also not destroy your phone, your ability to use your phone if you forget the passcode you've set up.

David Averbach:                Can I tell you what feature that we've been asking for in this office for like five years now that still hasn't come out that drives me crazy? Multiple users on the phone.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, this is sort of in the same vein.

Sarah Kingsbury:               At least on the iPad.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             It would be very useful also for parental controls, yeah.

David Averbach:                That's what I actually thought you were meaning. If you could have a user for a child who could log in and say access to games they want but not send text messages to everyone you know, that would be really cool.

Sarah Kingsbury:               This is a real life scenario that I have witnessed happen.

David Averbach:                This is a true story.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I don't know. I was going to say something about parental controls. Oh, yeah. The Apple TV, you can have switch user accounts.

David Averbach:                Yeah, Apple TV lets you and Mac of course, you've been able to do it for years.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I don't understand why at least the iPad doesn't have it because generally the iPad is not as personal a device as the iPhone.

Donna Cleveland:             The latest MacBooks allow you to use Touch ID to log in to different accounts. I'm really hoping that with the new iPad Pro Face ID that you could log in to different user accounts depending on the face. That would be so cool.

David Averbach:                We're bouncing between devices a little bit here. But while we're complaining about not supporting multiple users, the HomePod is one of the most egregious ones. Because it doesn't recognize your voice, you can walk up to it and anybody can walk up to it and have them read all your text messages if you're logged in or send text messages. There's so much you can do because it doesn't have voice recognition.

Donna Cleveland:             It's pretty scary.

David Averbach:                It's so bad.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah. That's not cool at all.

Sarah Kingsbury:               You can choose to not allow it to do that but then you lose that functionality.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, you're limiting the features.

David Averbach:                You don't have a smart speaker anymore.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Or you can have one in your bedroom that has that ability but then one in a public space in your house that doesn't but then it's an overpriced speaker already. Do you want to buy two?

David Averbach:                Yeah, totally.

Donna Cleveland:             We'll try to clarify here, by the way, as we're going through and the features that we're hoping for and ones that are actually really likely based off of the rumors. Stability, cross platform apps, those are things that we've heard a lot about. Parental controls, as far as I have seen, and multiple user accounts, that's something that we just think is long overdue but we don't know whether Apple will actually solve for us this time around.

David Averbach:                Is there anything else for iOS 12 that is rumored-

Donna Cleveland:             AirPlay 2, revamped iBooks, more health features we have here. Messages in the cloud as far as I know is not out yet.

David Averbach:                Well, AirPlay 2 is promised for iOS 11, FYI.

Donna Cleveland:             The messages in the cloud, it was first promised for iOS 11, then for 11.3. We still haven't gotten it and that would mean that you can sync all of your messages across your computer and basically on all of your devices. They'd be in the cloud and you don't have to delete them everywhere or manage them in other ways.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Also couldn't you then ... Would you be able to log in to like icloud.com for PC,

Donna Cleveland:             Right.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             ... And access your messages?

Sarah Kingsbury:               And your messages from there, too.

David Averbach:                I think so. Yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               That would be so great.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah. Those I assume, unless it comes out sooner, will be now in iOS 12 update a year later. Moving on to TV OS, we have original content? Maybe. There have been a lot of talk about-

David Averbach:                Yeah. I think it was Isaac Asimov. Didn't they license one of his books? I read that.

Donna Cleveland:             I don't know.

David Averbach:                I think they did. I think Apple is really considering getting into original content which will be interesting because it's so far removed from something they've ever done to my knowledge but also they have so much money to throw around.

Donna Cleveland:             So far what they've done to try to bring in all the different content I don't think has been that successful.

David Averbach:                Well, because they didn't have Netflix.

Donna Cleveland:             Like they're new TV app. They didn't include Netflix. I know. Then also another big one. I can't remember which it was. Was it maybe ...

Sarah Kingsbury:               It was Amazon Prime. You couldn't watch Amazon Prime on your Apple TV. You had to like,

Donna Cleveland:             Up until very recently.

Sarah Kingsbury:               ... AirPlay it.

David Averbach:                Now you can.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah. And the TV app, you can manage all of your content on your iPhone and on your Apple TV supposedly except for it's missing a lot of the big providers.

David Averbach:                I actually really like their system.

Donna Cleveland:             Do you?

David Averbach:                I love Universal Search. I think that works really well and it works for Netflix as well, and I really like the TV app except that I don't use it because it doesn't have the content. But if they did add Netflix and they did add,

Donna Cleveland:             Original ...

David Averbach:                ... All major providers.

Donna Cleveland:             And original content, too.

David Averbach:                I'm so skeptical of original content to be honest.

Donna Cleveland:             Really?

David Averbach:                Yeah. They don't know what they're doing. Maybe they'll pull it off. I don't know.

Donna Cleveland:             I feel like Amazon, Netflix, all these big,

David Averbach:                It's true.

Donna Cleveland:             ... Names now have original content. To me, it's really bringing up the quality of TV.

David Averbach:                Yeah. Okay, okay. I'll give it a chance, Donna.

Donna Cleveland:             Okay.

David Averbach:                But pulling it all in because it is right now confusing that each show that I want to watch on a different app and I have to remember which app is which show.

Donna Cleveland:             I know.

David Averbach:                Especially because I have a satellite subscription, that means I have access to a lot of extra apps like TNT or whatever and pulling it all into one app would be really great if they could pull it off. They aren't quite there yet.

Donna Cleveland:             Now we're going to talk about one of the really exciting rumors that I know David and I at least are really excited about and that's an iPad Pro. It's looking pretty good for Apple to announce an iPad Pro with Face ID and an edge to edge display at WWDC.

David Averbach:                Wow.

Donna Cleveland:             For any of you who have the iPhone X, this would clearly be taking some of the design from that, having the display go all the way to the edges, getting rid of the home button and instead having the true depth camera that allows you to unlock your iPad with your face and also that presumably would support Animojis if that's something you care about. I don't particularly but I know a lot of people are really into it. The one thing that was a little disappointing is that it probably would not have an OLED display. Already with the iPhone X that's what made it more expensive and the iPad display is clearly so much larger so we'd probably still have an LED display.

David Averbach:                Sarah, you were saying that you are leaning towards getting the new iPad that's just announced. It's the cheaper model. Is that correct?

Sarah Kingsbury:               That is correct.

David Averbach:                Why is that? We're going to have this debate like a lot after the announcement but let's talk about it now.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I have a MacBook Air at home that I use for working remotely. I don't see myself starting to work on my iPad if I buy one. I'm more thinking of it as a family device where people come watch shows or use apps that are better on an iPad. I feel like iPads aren't something you need to update constantly so I'm fine with buying more middle of the road iPad as opposed to the fanciest, newest iPad Pro.

Donna Cleveland:             It's pretty affordable. How much is it again?

Sarah Kingsbury:               349?

David Averbach:                Yeah. It's really affordable relative to what this iPad will probably cost.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Actually apparently because I am the parent of a college student, I can get an education discount.

Donna Cleveland:             That's nice.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I think we'll save like 20 bucks.

David Averbach:                Yeah. It's like 50.

Donna Cleveland:             And it gives you a discount on the Apple Pencil, too. I saw it because the new iPad that was just announced even though it's not one of their pro models does support the Apple Pencil which is nice. This one they say will also have Apple Pencil support, will likely not have wireless charging but maybe.

David Averbach:                Oh, why?

Donna Cleveland:             Then people saying starting at 699.

David Averbach:                Oh, that's actually more affordable than I thought.

Donna Cleveland:             Having a glass-backed iPad could be complicated potentially.

David Averbach:                Oh, okay. I agree. I agree.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah. Which is what you need in order for the wireless charging. That's why they did that with the iPhone X. I think one thing that's cool about the edge to edge display on the iPad is that I think that the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is not for everybody. My dad has one and it's just enormous.

David Averbach:                It's huge, yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             It's enormous and so I think this would make me happier to get the smaller one but get a couple extra, a little bit of a larger display would be nice.

David Averbach:                Yeah, it's exactly the same benefit that I'm always talking about with the iPhone X, which is smaller form factor with a larger screen.

Donna Cleveland:             I know.

David Averbach:                Especially on the iPad with such a big screen, the gestures are very easy and convenient. I already use a lot of those gestures. I'm excited about it. If you listen to podcast, all you know, I still have an iPad Air so I've been holding out for a while. I love it. I use it all the time and so I think I probably splurge and get the more expensive one because I keep it so long and I use it so much but we'll see.

Donna Cleveland:             Those are the biggest WWDC rumors that we are hearing. A HomePod software update we have here as a potential update. I know that's something that Sarah and David are hoping for because they have the HomePod and have very mixed feelings about it. What would be the software updates that you guys would be really looking for with this?

Sarah Kingsbury:               I mean, AirPlay 2, right?

David Averbach:                Well, sort of. I don't have two HomePods.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Actually I'm not planning to get one. I just think they promised it and still don't have it.

Donna Cleveland:             What's the deal with AirPlay 2? What would that allow you to do?

David Averbach:                Depending on how it works. It allows you to play multiple AirPlay speakers at the same time similar to how you can daisy chain Bluetooth speakers.

Donna Cleveland:             Nice.

David Averbach:                I do have another AirPlay speaker that is not HomePod, so I'm curious to see-

Donna Cleveland:             Is it the Libratone?

David Averbach:                Yeah, I have the Libratone. I have a bunch of AirPlay speakers. If it lets me connect all of them, I will be very excited. I don't know if it will. The main thing I want to see from HomePod is honestly just more functionality. It came out with a very limited feature set. The things that I use are really nice but it's pretty limited for the price. Part of why I bought it was I trusted Apple that they will update the software to add more functionality over time and I'm waiting for that for it to take the next step from being fun to be an early adopter to being an integral part of my daily life.

Donna Cleveland:             Isn't some of that that you need it to have integration with third party apps?

David Averbach:                Third party apps, absolutely. But even its own apps like Calendar.

Donna Cleveland:             Oh, yeah. You can't set Calendar.

David Averbach:                I need to be able to read my calendar.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, seriously.

David Averbach:                There's a lot of those and it does integrate with the Podcast app but it doesn't work very well and I always have a hard time with it so I end up taking out my phone.

Donna Cleveland:             All right. Well, that is a wrap on our WWDC rumors. Definitely join the Facebook group so that when it's June 4th and the announcement is happening, you can log in and follow along with us for our WWDC party.

David Averbach:                And make sure you sign up for the list so that we can email you and let you know when our first ever live podcast is going to be. I'm so excited.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, I'm so excited, too. Now we'll share our Apple complaints and learning before wrapping up this episode. What have you guys been complaining about or ...

David Averbach:                Or learning.

Donna Cleveland:             Or learning.

Sarah Kingsbury:               What haven't I been complaining about?

Donna Cleveland:             I actually have one I'll jump in with and that's I want to ask you guys if you have any tips for how to not have "Hey, Siri" interrupt you. Oh, shoot. Whenever I use hands-free Siri, I only get halfway through my request and then Siri stops me and this something when you're manually using Siri, you can bypass this by pressing and holding the home button or the side button depending on what phone you have and then just let up once you're done talking. I really like using hands-free Siri, but I can pretty much never get through a request without being interrupted.

Sarah Kingsbury:               One thing I found that helps is to actually decide exactly what I'm going to say to Siri before I say it so that there's no like, "Hey, Siri. Uh, schedule an appointment for 3:00 on Saturday." Which I just did.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, the thinking on my feet thing doesn't work out that well for me.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Donna Cleveland:             Because I pause for a second and it's, yeah. Right.

David Averbach:                It seems like Apple should account for that.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah, for sure.

David Averbach:                It should be smart enough to allow you to have pauses and uhs and things like that and account for it. I don't know that I have an answer but I think it qualifies as a very legitimate complaint.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Actually I get really annoyed with Siri for this very reason and actually I recently read an article that said you shouldn't date people who aren't nice to their digital assistants.

Donna Cleveland:             Digital assistants.

Sarah Kingsbury:               And I was like, "Well, shoot. I get really mad at Siri and therefore I'm un-datable."

David Averbach:                I feel very strongly about this article. We had a lot of debate because I feel like people are capable of distinguishing between inanimate objects and people and so just because you're mean to an inanimate object does not mean that you're mean to people.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, I think I agree with that.

David Averbach:                Maybe I'm just saying that because I swear at Siri a lot. I swear to all technology-

Donna Cleveland:             Back at your question of the week, is it okay to be mean to Siri?

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yes, I like this question.

David Averbach:                I like it. Okay.

Donna Cleveland:             What does it say about you if you yell at Siri? Email podcast@iphonelife.com.

David Averbach:                Or comment in the Facebook group.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I always say please and thank you to Siri.

Donna Cleveland:             Really?

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah.

David Averbach:                I do, too. I feel really awkward if I don't say please to Siri and then I feel weird that I just said please to a not real person.

Donna Cleveland:             You'll be like, "Can you please send this text message?" Wow.

Sarah Kingsbury:               But then when Siri ... I work really hard to enunciate things clearly. I think about it before I say it and then Siri gets it completely wrong. Then I repeat it and Siri gets it wrong. By the third or fourth time, I might say something not nice. I'm embarrassed about it.

Donna Cleveland:             All right. What about you guys?

David Averbach:                My complaint is ... I complained about this in the past but it actually seems like it's gotten worse. CarPlay. We haven't talked about it for iOS 11. Apple needs to improve CarPlay. I love it. It's a really nice interface but it just is glitchy. What happens is I'll plug in my phone and it starts auto playing the music that I have on which I love and then it will just stop playing it and I'll push play and it won't work and it's the same thing with my podcast. What you end up having to do is you have to un-dock your phone, close out the app, reopen the app, re-dock it, then push play and then it will start working which defeats the whole purpose of CarPlay which is supposed to avoid you having to use your phone while you're driving. It seems like with 11.3 we're on now, it's gotten worse.

David Averbach:                In addition to that, they don't have access to a lot of third party apps. There's a few of them but not very many. I feel like CarPlay has so much potential because the car companies have really not done a good job with the UI and apple did a great job with the UI, really easy to use for what it is functional on. It's really functional but it's just buggy and it's driving me crazy. Also, I want to seem them have wireless syncing so that you don't have to dock it which would be so much nicer.

Donna Cleveland:             I just remembered a rumor that I have to tell you guys about for WWDC, something you said jogged this. But Apple is likely coming out with the new AirPods and that's something that's really cool because,

Sarah Kingsbury:               I'm excited.

Donna Cleveland:             ... It's going to have a wireless charging so you can have a wireless charging pad for your iPhone if you have the 8 or the X and you can have your iPhone and your AirPods charging on there together. Also, you can summon,

Sarah Kingsbury:               And your Apple Watch.

Donna Cleveland:             ... Siri in your Apple Watch and then you can also summon Siri without tapping. Now you have to tap your AirPods to do that but this you would be able to use hands-free Siri.

David Averbach:                I'm really excited for this year because there's all these devices I've been holding out for that I think are coming. The iPad, I've been holding out for. [Rianne 00:36:22] who is one of our editors is obsessed with her AirPods and has convinced me that even though I can get pretty much any headphone I want for free because of my job, I'm going to go and pay the AirPods because they're that great.

Sarah Kingsbury:               If they come out with a new one, I'm going to get them.

Donna Cleveland:             StudioPods, is that what you're going to say?

Sarah Kingsbury:               No, but talk about StudioPods and then I will tell you my thing.

Donna Cleveland:             Okay. I was going to say the other rumor is that there will also be over-ear headphones. People are calling them StudioPods. They could totally be called something else. But that these would be high-end headphones probably in the 300, $350 range that they've come out Q4 but potentially would be announced at WWDC. I mean there's not really that much we know besides that but then it might incorporate some HomePod functionality into headphones, too, so that could be cool.

David Averbach:                I just want to say that I'm not ... Conner and I have this long-standing beef about Beats by Dre and she loves them and I hate them. I don't think they are very good headphones and so I'm not excited for these because they will be presumably similar to Beats by Dre. Go ahead, Sarah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I was thinking about ... Because you're talking about how the way CarPlay works now basically defeats the whole purpose because it's supposed to make it convenient and safe to access certain iOS features while you're driving. I was thinking about that's why I get angry with Siri is because it's supposed to be more convenient like I don't have to pick my phone.

Donna Cleveland:             That's the whole point.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I don't have to tap things and so it ends up being more work and then I often end up doing it on my phone anyway. I have this problem with the HomePod. The HomePod can't do so many things that I'm starting to learn. I'll pick up my phone and say, "Hey, Siri. Find out this information for me." Then if I'm in my bedroom where I keep my HomePod, the HomePod will chime in and say, "I'm sorry. I can't find that information for you. That's beyond my capabilities." I'm like, "I didn't ask you." I feel like Siri really needs to actually be more convenient. It just needs to be improved so badly.

David Averbach:                I agree. There's this really profound feeling of defeat when you try to use Siri to do something you could have done on your phone and it doesn't work. Then you have to go and take out your phone. It's like you feel so-

Sarah Kingsbury:               That's the whole point because it was supposed to be easier and quicker and then it's worse.

David Averbach:                Yeah, I agree.

Donna Cleveland:             All right. Go.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I learned something very important.

Donna Cleveland:             Let's hear it.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I knew you could do this but somebody actually asked last night on the Facebook page how to do it and so I went and figured it out so I could share it with them and I'm very excited because this happens to me all the time, too. This person on the Facebook group had forgotten to track her yoga class and she was going to lose her streak.

David Averbach:                Oh.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I know.

David Averbach:                This sounds like something that would really affect you.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I told her how to do it. She's like, "Thanks. I thought I was going to have to go do another workout."

David Averbach:                That's amazing.

Donna Cleveland:             That's amazing.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I get you.

Donna Cleveland:             That is amazing.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I also went to yoga and forgot to track it so this was exciting. You can manually enter an Apple Watch workout on your iPhone in the Health app.

Donna Cleveland:             Oh, cool.

Sarah Kingsbury:               It's in activities. If you tap on activities, you can scroll down and you'll find a workout or you can actually very quickly get there by just swiping down on the screen to bring up the search bar and just type "workouts" and it will open it. You can tap the little plus sign in the upper right corner and you can enter the activity and how long it was and how many calories you've burned. Then it will show up on your Apple Watch.

David Averbach:                That's really cool.

Donna Cleveland:             That's awesome. You won't know precisely how many calories you burned but you get a general idea.

Sarah Kingsbury:               If it's a workout you do a lot, you can probably guess or you could just Google. I don't know. Also, if you feel like you messed up something in a workout ... I couldn't find a way to edit something once you entered it.

David Averbach:                You can't edit it. Oh.

Sarah Kingsbury:               But you can delete it and reenter it.

David Averbach:                That happens to me a lot. I'll log a workout and then I'll forget to turn it off and then it'll think I'd worked out for way longer than I did.

Donna Cleveland:             Like a four hour run.

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Well, see, you could delete that and enter the correct amount.

Donna Cleveland:             Yeah, that's cool.

David Averbach:                Or you could just get the credit for it. It's fine.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah. Also, just to let you guys know, I have currently ... I'm on a new move streak.

Donna Cleveland:             Oh, let's hear it.

Sarah Kingsbury:               It's only like 48 days.

Donna Cleveland:             That's a long time.

David Averbach:                That's a really long time.

Donna Cleveland:             That's a really long time.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I broke my last 47 days.

David Averbach:                Today is the day you just beat it today?

Sarah Kingsbury:               Today, yeah.

David Averbach:                Oh, right. I saw the notification actually. I congratulated you.

Donna Cleveland:             Wow.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Oh, you did?

David Averbach:                Yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I didn't get that message.

David Averbach:                Yeah, I did.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah, I'm excited. That's why I could totally relate to this Facebook group member.

Donna Cleveland:             That's impressive.

David Averbach:                We are all Apple Watch fitness buddies so we see notifications from when we work out. Really what it is Donna and I just see notifications for when Sarah workout and congratulate her.

Donna Cleveland:             You've been working out a lot lately, David.

David Averbach:                I have but mostly I decide to log walks.

Donna Cleveland:             Before we close our episode, let's make that our second question of the week. What's your longest streak? If you are an Apple Watch or other fitness band user, let us know what your streak is and what are your secrets to keeping that going.

David Averbach:                Hey. Let me ask you. How do I check that?

Donna Cleveland:             Email podcast@iphonelife.com.

David Averbach:                Podcast@iphonelife.com.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I can tell you.

David Averbach:                How do you check it? Yeah.

Sarah Kingsbury:               You go, you open your activity app. Then at the bottom, there's an achievements tab and the move streak tab is a little infinity sign in a little ...

David Averbach:                I honestly don't even think I've gotten it. I tend to workout a few times a week and I don't ...

Sarah Kingsbury:               If you've never gotten it ... Okay.

David Averbach:                That's sad.

Donna Cleveland:             If you do have it, then ...

David Averbach:                I failed. I'm a failure.

Sarah Kingsbury:               It's a green little ... It's not an octagon. It's like a ...

David Averbach:                Infinity symbol, you've explained it. I got it.

Sarah Kingsbury:               You can tap on that and it will say, "You earned this award for your longest daily move streak." Oh, my current streak is 47 days.

David Averbach:                My current streak is one day. Donsie.

Donna Cleveland:             I don't even know.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I actually think your daily move goal is higher than mine.

David Averbach:                It is really high.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Just to be fair.

David Averbach:                It is really high.

Sarah Kingsbury:               I have experimented over the years with finding a move goal that I can attain. If I stay sick in bed all day, I'm not going to make it. But if I am reasonably active like I walk my dogs a couple of times and do some housework but don't do a workout, I can still make it.

David Averbach:                I should lower mine, then I can get a streak going.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Yeah.

David Averbach:                Okay. We are way off here.

Donna Cleveland:             Thanks, guys. Email podcast@iphonelife.com. Let us know about your streaks and thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you at the WWDC party if you join the Facebook group. Thanks, guys.

Sarah Kingsbury:               Thanks, everyone.

David Averbach:                Thanks, everyone.

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