Review: Just Mobile Encore iPad Stand

Just Mobile has firmly planted its flag in the premium Apple accessory camp with its catalog of high-quality iPhone and iPad cases, stands, chargers, and the like. A recent addition to this product family is a new lightweight iPad stand called Encore ($49.95). Read on to find out how it compares to the array of other iPad stands on the market.

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I reviewed Encore's predecessor, the UpStand several years ago, even before the introduction of the iPad Mini. Since that time, iOS tablet sizes have gone from the Mini to the Pro. While the UpStand could accommodate those devices, it looked askew when the original 9.7-inch iPad wasn't seated on it. The Encore changes that by providing a circular base connected to a hinged rubberized arm that can be adjusted to the size and preferred viewing angle of whatever size iPad rests against it. Its minimalist approach shows the elegance of the design while giving it a high degree of portability. It makes a far more useful travel stand accessory than any other Just Mobile iOS preceding it.

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I was initially concerned that the iPad might wobble or tip from side to side as fingers tapped on the left or right of the screen, but the lower rubberized lip wrapping the bottom front of the stand does a good job stabilizing the iPad. The adjustable arm allows an ideal viewing angle regardless of whether the iPad is in landscape or portrait mode. The base of the Encore is available in either silver or gold to better match the color of your iPad.

Final Verdict

Overall, the Encore looks to be an excellent replacement of Just Mobile's older UpStand. If you don't already own a desk stand for your iPad and are frustrated by the flimsy stability that a case might provide, the Encore will help lower stress by bringing some elegant stability into your life.

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