Review: Air Omni Multi-Device Charger for Your Nightstand

Over the past dozen or so years, I have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of products. One of my favorite aspects of this is when a product I previously reviewed gets better and I get a chance to cover the newer version. I also appreciate multi-function devices. I have so many gadgets already so the more functions a single device can perform, the better, as long as there are no compromises. This is the case with Pitaka's Air Omni (starting at $119). While it is available on Kickstarter, and I hesitate to recommend crowdfunded projects because of the uncertainty, Pitaka is a well-established, longtime Apple accessory maker and this product is real, as Pitaka sent me a review unit to try.

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The Air Omni goes above and beyond the earlier model, the Air Quad, which charged four devices. Here are some of the charging mechanisms in the Air Omni. First, there is a multi-coiled Qi charger up front. The three coils mean you can place your iPhone or other Qi-enabled phone just about anywhere in the front area and have it start charging. This is great for a nightstand when you just want to put your phone down and assume it will be charged in the morning. Next, in the center of the Air Omni is a collapsible Apple Watch charging pad. A button on the side makes the charging pad pop up perpendicularly from the base. This allows you to charge Apple Watches with a closed loop band (as I use) and allows for Nightstand Mode.

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To the left of the watch charger is another smaller Qi charging coil ideal for a set of wirelessly charging AirPods. So far, that's three devices that can be charged. Next there is a clever and new mechanism to charge an iPad or another phone. It is a Lightning port that can be swapped for a USB-C port through another special button in the back. There is also a folding support stand to keep the tablet in place. That makes four devices that can be charged, matching the AirQuad. The Lightning to USB-C port will come in handy if you switch from an iPad to an iPad Pro, or if and when future iPhones switch from Lightning to USB-C.


The Air Omni adds a USB-A port and USB-C port on the side of the base, bringing the Air Omni to a total of six distinct devices that can be charged from one unit. It's hard to imagine needing more on your nightstand, and at the Kickstarter price of $119, it's a lot cheaper than six distinct chargers might be, and the Air Omni is much more streamlined. It's also built with style, using Pitaka's familiar Aramid fiber material and substantial heft to keep it in place on your nightstand. And Pitaka has another trick up its sleeve. There is a small hidden drawer in the front right side where you can place jewelry or other bedtime items, neatly tucked away.



  • Charges six distinct devices
  • Collapsible Apple Watch charger built-in
  • Easily switch between USB-C or Lightning
  • Multi-coil Qi charger
  • Nice heft and design with folding tablet support stand


  • Need to act fast to acquire Kickstarter discount

Final Verdict

The Air Omni from Pitaka can charge most of the devices you use today, and adapt for future devices that use USB-C.

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