How to Get Back Full-Screen Incoming Call Notifications in iOS 14

If you're not a fan of the new banner-style incoming call notifications at the top of your iPhone screen, you can either temporarily access the full version, or change them back to the full-screen incoming call notifications for good.

With iOS 14, your iPhone incoming call notifications now appear as banners at the top of your screen. The benefit of this compact notification is that it notifies you of incoming calls without interrupting anything else you’re doing on your phone. The full-screen version, on the other hand, offers a couple of menu options that are not readily available on the banner. Some people love the brief banner-style alerts, others miss the functionality of the full-screen notification. With this guide, you can permanently switch back to full-screen notifications or learn how to access those menu options while keeping the banner as your default.

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How to Go Back to Full-Screen iPhone Incoming Call Notifications Permanently

If you tried the new compact iPhone call screen and it’s simply not for you, there’s a way to switch back to the full-screen notifications for incoming calls. With these easy steps, you can permanently return to full-screen call notifications:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Phone.

    Open the settings appScroll down and tap on Phone
  3. Tap on Incoming Calls.
  4. Select Full Screen. Doing this will deselect Banner.

    Tap on Incoming CallsSelect Full Screen
  5. Tap on < Phone in the upper-left corner to go back.
  6. You should now see that Incoming Call notifications are set to Full Screen.

    Tap on Phone in the upper-left corner to go backYou should see that your Incoming Call notifications are now set to Full Screen

Next time you receive a call, your notification will once again be the classic iPhone incoming call full-screen. And if you ever decide to give the banner style call screen another try, just use the steps above to switch back.

How to See the Full-Screen Incoming Call Notification on a Call-by-Call Basis

If you prefer the banner-style iPhone incoming call screen, you can keep it as your default and still switch to the full-screen mode when needed. This allows you to access other options in case you want to message your caller or set up a reminder to call them back later. Here’s how:

  1. When you receive a banner call notification, simply tap or swipe down on an empty spot on the banner. This will switch the notification to a full-screen version.

    Swipe down on incoming call notification
  2. When you're on the full-screen call notification, you can tap on Message to text your caller, or Remind Me to set up a reminder to call them back in an hour or when you leave your current location.

    Select Message to send caller a message insteadSelect Remind Me to be reminded to call the caller back later
  3. Swiping back up from full screen silences the call without sending it to voicemail. You can always tap on the gray phone icon at the top-left corner of your phone if you decide to answer or decline the call.

    You can still tap on the phone icon in the upper-left corner to answer the call after it's been silenced

Customization is one of the best features of the iOS 14, and the iPhone incoming call screen is no exception. With this newest version of the operating system, you can pick between full screen or banner call notifications. No matter which version you choose, both allow you to access the full menu of options for incoming calls and let you enjoy the flexibility of the new mobile operating system from Apple.

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