How to Watch Cable on iPhone or iPad

The TV app, which was introduced with iOS 10.3, finally brings all of your TV and movie watching together. Within the TV app, you can see what your viewing options are all in one place, including shows from streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. While a lot of Apple TV users have cut the cable cord, just as many still rely on their regular cable package to watch favorite shows. And most of your favorite networks (ABC, NBC, HGTV, etc) have apps that you can download to your Apple TV, as well as your iPhone and iPad. But when you download those apps, you have to prove you’re a cable subscriber, which is what this tip allows you to do in a couple easy steps (less if you have iCloud Keychain turned on). Here’s how to watch cable on your iPhone or iPad.

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How to Watch Cable on iPhone or iPad

  • Open your Settings app.

  • Scroll down and select TV Provider.

  • Select your cable provider.

  • Sign in using your cable provider login info.

Ta-da! Now you just need to download the network apps that are supported, such as CW Seed, Showtime, HBO GO, HGTV, etc. You’ll also need to sign into each network app. However, If you have iCloud Keychain activated, you’ll automatically be signed into your network apps across all of your iOS devices.

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Tamlin Day is a Media and Communications Major at Maharishi University. He has written for the university blog and has been previously published in the Rio Review and Breathe Free Press.