How to Tell if an iPhone Cord is Safe for Charging

It might seem inconsequential, but using a safe iPhone charger cable is important to making sure your iPhone lasts as long as possible and doesn't suffer irreparable damage to the battery or other components. Fortunately, it's easy to distinguish a certified Apple charger cord from a cheap knockoff. We'll show you how to make sure an iPhone cable is safe.

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Why Certified Chargers Matter

How to Tell a Real iPhone Charger from a Fake One

Unsafe cables can leave you with the kind of damage that isn't covered by iPhone insurance, so a few extra dollars on a certified cable can really go a long way! You don't have to buy cables directly from Apple—a lot of third-party charger cables carry MFi certification for safety. We'll teach you how to tell if a charger cable is safe for iPhone in a few easy steps. For more expert Apple device how-tos, sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

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  1. Look for the MFi badge on the packaging for third-party accessories. The badge may look like any of the below versions.

    Images courtesy of Apple

  2. Be sure the "Accessory may not be supported" alert doesn’t appear when you plug in your accessory. This is not always the most reliable method as it occasionally it appears in error, but this is rare.
  3. If you're worried you bought a counterfeit Apple charger cable, check Apple’s counterfeit charger guide to be sure.

Remember, don't assume that the Apple logo is legitimate unless you bought it directly from Apple or an authorized retailer. These tips will help you easily identify counterfeit charger cables so you can protect your Apple devices from damage caused by unsafe charging.

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