How to Never Get a Game Invite on Facebook Again

Do you have friends who use Facebook to play games like Candy Crush? Do those friends send you constant game invites, never getting the hint that you don’t want to play? If your answer is no, consider yourself lucky. Most of us have logged on to see that all of our notifications were merely invitations to games we’ve never, ever been interested in playing. Luckily, Facebook allows you to turn off notifications for game invites and apps completely. Here’s how to never get a game invite on Facebook again. 

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How to Block Game & App Invites on Facebook

  • Open the Facebook. Tap the More tab at the bottom right of your screen; it looks like three horizontal lines.

  • Scroll down and tap Settings.

  • Select Account Settings.

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  • Tap Apps.

  • Select Platform.

  • Select No under Game Invites and App Notifications.

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