How to Change the Style of the Clock on Your iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16

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It's quick and easy to change the colors and font of your iPhone Lock Screen clock, and there are more options than you might expect. We'll walk you through them and show you how to get the perfect clock style to match your wallpaper.

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  • Choose from a variety of clock font styles to suit your tastes and mood.
  • Pick the perfect color to complement your wallpaper.

How to Change Your Lock Screen's Font & Color

You've already got the perfect iPhone Lock Screen wallpaper, and now you want to customize your Lock Screen's clock style to match. This is pretty easy, and you have many options to choose from to get things just right. If you want to learn more about some Lock Screen options, check out our guide on linking a Focus to a specific Lock Screen, and be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter for more quick guides on making use of new iOS 16 features.

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  1. Tap and hold your Lock screen until you see the Customize and Focus buttons. If you have a hard time getting the buttons to appear, review our article on customizing your Lock Screen in iOS 16

  2. Tap the blue plus icon. Note: You can also tap Customize if you'd rather edit an existing Lock Screen's clock format.

  3. Tap a wallpaper option you like.

  4. Tap the time to open the Font & Color menu.

  5. Pick from one of the eight fonts.

  6. You can tap on a font to see how it looks.

  7. Next, you can pick a color at the bottom of the screen.

  8. If you tap on a color, you can make it darker or lighter by moving the slider.

  9. To see more color options, swipe from right to left.

  10. If you swipe as far left as you can go, you can tap the rainbow circle to see more advanced color options.

  11. You can use the eyedropper to select a color from your background. This is great if you want to color coordinate with your background image.

  12. You can also tap Grid or Sliders to see a different way to browse color options.

  13. You can tap Sliders and enter an official Display P3 or sRGB color profile if you have it.

  14. To switch between Color Space options, tap on Display P3 Hex Color # or sRGB and tap the one you want to use.

If you don't want to get too technical, don’t worry about the Display P3 or sRGB color profiles. However, if you use Photoshop, Procreate, or another similar software, you can use this to pick a color that may be difficult to find using the other methods.

Pro Tip: If you want to use a color from a photo, begin customizing a photo background, use the eyedropper tool to select the color, and jot down the Display P3 or sRGB color profile. Then return to whatever theme you want to use and type the code in use that color on your Lock screen!

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