How to Add Phonetic Spelling to iPhone Contacts

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Sometimes Siri has a hard time pronouncing names from your iPhone. You can teach Siri to pronounce your friends' and family members' names, and even your own name properly, but you can also do something to help your faithful AI assistant get names right before she ever attempts to say them. As an added bonus, this iPhone tip can also help you remember how to pronounce names, so you don't make any embarrassing mistakes when calling a new business contact or friend. The trick to getting Siri, and yourself, to learn how to properly pronounce the names in your Contacts is to add phonetic spelling to those names that are a little less than common. Let's get started learning how to add the phonetic pronunciation of names to your iPhone's Contacts list!

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How to Add Phonetic Spelling to iPhone Contacts

  • Open your Contacts.
  • Scroll down to the contact Siri is having trouble pronouncing and open it.

iphone contactsadd phonetic spelling to iphone contacts

  • Once the Contact is open, tap Edit in the upper right corner.
  • Now, scroll down to add field and tap it.

phonetic namephonetic spelling

  • Tapping add field gives you several choices to add; I chose Phonetic first name.
  • You can now enter the phonetic pronunciation, then tap Done in the upper right corner.

phonetic pronunciation of nameadd phonetic pronunciation to iphone contact

  • Now the phonetic pronunciation of the name is included in the contact card.

I hope this tip helps you to create easy references for both you and Siri so that you don't have any more trouble with mispronunciations!

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