Your iPhone's Autocorrect Just Got Smarter (iOS 17)

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Autocorrect has been improved in the latest version of iOS to help make typing easier and faster. Your keyboard will now make smarter suggestions and underline autocorrected words so that you can quickly change them if they don’t match up with what you’re trying to say.

Why You’ll Love This Tip:

  • Get smarter suggestions inline as you type.
  • Easily undo corrections with a tap.

Improvements to Autocorrect on iPhone

System Requirements

This tip works on iPhones running iOS 17 or later. Learn how to update to the latest OS.

Predictive text on iPhone has received some improvements that should make typing on your iPhone more intuitive. I make typos all the time, so it’s been incredibly useful to see which words have been autocorrected and be able to quickly change them back. To keep up with all the changes coming to iOS, be sure to sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter. While there you shouldn’t need to enable this feature, here’s how to check to make sure it is turned on:

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  1. Open the Settings app, and tap General.

    iphone settings with general option circled in red
  2. Tap Keyboard.

    iphone general settings with keyboard circled in red
  3. Ensure that at least Auto-Correction and Predictive are both toggled on. Note: If you have foreign-language keyboards installed, this page's organization may look slightly different.

    iphone keyboard settings with auto-correction and predictive circled in red
  4. While typing, you’ll see suggestions for autocompleting words or even entire sentences. Simply tap the space bar to accept the suggestion, or keep typing if it doesn’t quite match what you want to say.

    imessage text field demonstrating predictive text, circled in red, that reads, "autocorrect on iOS 17 now offers smarter suggestions and corrections. according to, it now uses machine learning." the word learning is a light gray shading, indicating that it is a suggestion from the os
  5. Words that have been autocorrected are now underlined in blue so you can keep track of which words have been changed. If a word is switched to something you didn’t mean, tap the underlined word.

    imessage text field demonstrating autocorrection, circled in red, that reads, "Autocorrect on iOS 17 now offers smart suggestions." smart suggestions has a blue line underneath, indicating it has been corrected
  6. Tap either the word you originally typed or choose from other suggestions.

    revert to previously typed text

Apple says that autocorrect now uses machine learning to better understand how you type and offers smarter recommendations and corrections. Is your iPhone’s autocorrect not working? Find the fix here!

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