Apple March Event: Everything You Need to Know

We’re less than a month away from Apple’s first big event of the year. The latest rumors indicate Apple will hold its keynote event the week of March 21, instead of the previously thought March 15. Apple’s Spring event will likely be slightly smaller in scale; rumors indicate the company will hold the event at the Town Hall Auditorium on the 1 Infinite Loop campus. It was originally thought we’d see a new Apple Watch 2, but the rumor mill seems to now agree that will have to wait until September. Here’s everything you need to know about the products we do expect Apple to release in March.

iPhone SE

Considered the Special Edition, Apple will reintroduce the 4-inch screen with the iPhone SE. Externally, it will look nearly identical to that of the original iPhone 5s. Internally, the phone will get a lot of the upgrades newer models include, such as an A9 processor, improved front and rear cameras, and the latest radio technology to offer the best experience at a more affordable price. Recent rumors indicate the iPhone SE will be priced between $400-$500. Meanwhile, the iPhone 5s is rumored to get a 50% price drop, lowering it to $250. You’ll also be able to get the phone in Gold and Rose Gold, two colors that weren't available when the iPhone 5s was released. On a side note, iOS 9.3 (with nightshift mode) is currently in beta testing; Apple will likely release the public update around the time of the event.

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iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

Debatebly, the best feature of the latest iPad Pro is the ability to use it with Apple Pencil. Yet, the iPad Pro is huge, and even those who may want to use an iPad with Apple Pencil may not want to spend laptop prices on a tablet. Now, rumors indicate that the new iPad won't be an iPad Air 3 but a smaller version of the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard capability. It's expected to be a nearly identifcal, small version of the iPad Pro, including four-speaker audio and optimized internal bits (A9x chip) for speed and processing.


Apple Watch...wristbands and software.

Boo! I’m pretty upset I have to wait until September to ogle at the newest Apple Watch 2. Apple is probably aware that not mentioning the Apple Watch would be bad for sales, so instead the company plans to release new wristbands made of different material than previous options. I better see a double tour Hermes knock-off in the batch or I will not be a happy camper. Also, Watch OS 2.2 recently entered beta stages, so I wouldn’t be surprised if new software updates become public around the same time as the event.


New Macs?

Please, oh please, let there be new macs. There’s been mild talk of an updated Macbook Air, which could seriously use an update. Some rumor mills think we’ll have to wait until WWDC in June, while other people (me) have been waiting for the March Event to buy a new computer. So come on Apple, mama needs to upgrade; my 2010 Macbook literally has no bottom anymore.


One More Thing?

Apple loves surprises. In June 2015 the “one more thing” was Apple Music; in September 2014, it was Apple Watch. I hope Apple has something up their sleeve; I love surprises too.


*updated 2/29 to reflect new rumors 
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