5 Gorgeous Apple Accessories You’ll Only Find on Etsy

Etsy has made it far easier for small businesses and local craftsman to promote and sell their handmade or vintage goods. The large online store has categories with everything from knitting needles to wedding dresses. But when we’re looking for tech accessories, it’s easy to forget about the website of amazing crafts. Meanwhile, the options available on Etsy are endless and certainly deserve a look. Here’s five gorgeous and/or useful Apple accessories you can only find on Etsy.

Double Tour Split Wrap Band ($120.00)

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If you’ve been reading my product roundups, you’ll know of my intense desire to find a Double Tour watch band at an affordable price with all the class of the outrageously priced Hermes band. This is the closest thing I’ve found yet, and I’m biting my lower lip to stop from impulse buying it. This genuine leather Apple Watch band is made for both the 42mm and 38mm models. This particular band can be worn two different ways, and you have multiple hardware options to choose from. 


MacBook Cover // Power Elephant ($49.99)

This entire Etsy shop has a plethora of gorgeous Macbook covers. Available for a range of different Macbook models and size, this particular cover features an intricately detailed elephant in bright colors. Reviews for the product are fantastic and the covers are unique designs made of eco-friendly hard plastic.


iShade: A Sunshade for iPads and MacBooks ($14.58)

Do you like to work outside but can’t with the glare of the sun? Here’s an option for you. The iShade is a simple design that folds up for portability or hangs off your iPad or Macbook screen to provide shade for the screen. Users have noted that it’s slightly flimsy but works wonderfully for sitting outside and working. When using iPad, the iShade can also be flipped around to double as a kick-stand.


Walnut Wood iPad Air Case ($60.54)

These wood cases are 100% handmade with velvet backing to protect the device. They’re made of two pieces for an easy fit and are designed to work perfectly with iPad. Made in Canada, each piece is handcrafted with care and sanded to perfection. They’re wonderfully understated but undeniably beautiful.


Apple Pencil Case Holder for iPad ($19.99)

So you’ve got an Apple Pencil; why not keep it in a special place? Unless you’ve got a iPad Case with a hook for the pencil, it’d be easy to drop the $100 device into the bottom of a backpack or lose it like any other pen lying around the house. Put it on display with this handcrafted, wooden Apple Pencil holder carved from Beech, Walnut, or Zebrawood.


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