10 Tips for Using Apple Mail Like a Boss

Apple’s Mail app allows you to keep all of your email accounts under one roof. I have my Yahoo, Gmail, and iCloud accounts connected. I find it’s super convenient to take advantage of this, especially having different email accounts for different purposes. Since Mail aims to be your one-stop email shop, there’s a large range of tweaks you can make for a better experience. I scoured through our large collection of growing tips to find ten specifically suited to buff-up your Apple Mail skills. Here’s ten tips for using Apple Mail like a boss.

Each tip below provides a short summary. You can click on the title for an in-depth walkthrough with screenshots that show how-to step-by-step. Let’s check out the ten tips that’ll make you an Apple Mail boss.

How to Set Up and Use VIP Mail on Your iPhone

Setting up a VIP mailbox is a great way to avoid the time-consuming other emails both good and bad. By selecting a group of VIPS, you can quickly check unread emails they’ve sent you. To add VIPS, open Mail and go to Mailboxes. Tap the “i” next to VIP and Add VIP. The next tips will take this a step further by allowing you to receive notifications from VIP contacts only.

How to Receive Mail Notifications for Important Contacts Only

This tip makes it so you receive notifications only for your VIP mail contacts. This way you aren’t interrupted for every email that arrives — just the important ones. You can change this by opening Settings and tapping Notifications. Select Mail and then VIP. Turn this on, then go back to Mail and open each email account you have connected. Turn off the notifications for those. Now only your VIP contacts will alert you of new emails.

How to Delete All Mail

Email adds up quickly. Eventually, you may want to delete everything in a mailbox. To do that, open the Mail app and tap Edit. You can then easily tap Trash All to move mail to Trash. However, it’s slightly different for Gmail, and you’ll need to change a setting first. You can see the full walkthrough by clicking the How to Delete Mail title.

How to Mark Up Image Attachments in the Mail App

When you add a photo to the email you’re sending, you can also mark it up with sketches and writing. Once the photo is inserted, tap the picture and select Mark-up. From there you’ll be able to make the additions you want and tap Done.

How to Add Events to Calendar from the Mail App

You can add events from mail to calendar automatically and manually. To do so automatically, it’s a simple setting change. Open Settings and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Then toggle on Events Found in Mail. Now, your phone will automatically look through mail and add any events to your calendar. Click the title link for full instructions on how to do this manually.

How to Add Attachments in Mail

Using iCloud Drive, you can add attachments of all kinds to your emails on iPhone. With a new email open, tap and hold within the body. Then select Add Attachment. iCloud Drive will pop-up, allowing you to select any pdf, document, or photo stored in there. If the doc you want to send isn’t in iCloud Drive, tap Locations in the top left corner of Drive and choose Google Drive. You can select a doc from your Google account as well.

How to Change What Left and Right Swipes Do in the Mail App

In Mail, you can assign quick actions to swiping left and right. By default, swiping left shows you More, Flag, and Delete. Swiping Right allows you to mark an email Read or Unread. But, if you open Settings, select Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Swipe Options — you can customize what swiping left and right in mail does.

How to Create Different Signatures for Separate Email Accounts

If you have multiple accounts linked to the Mail app, you may use one mail account for work and the other personal. Which means you’ll also likely want to use different signatures at the end of emails for each account. To change this, open Settings and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Tap Signature, then check Per Account. You’ll see each connected account beneath. Tap beneath each to insert a different signature.

How to Ask Siri If You’ve Received That Important Email Yet

Waiting for an important email to arrive? You can quickly ask Siri if an email has arrived. For example, you could ask, “Any new mail from Brian today?” If there are new messages from that contact, Siri will bring it up. If not, she’ll say, “I didn’t find any new emails from Brian.” Little tricks like this allow you spend less time picking up and putting down your phone.

How to Print Emails from Your iPhone

If you have a Wi-Fi print with AirPrint capabilities, printing an email from iPhone could not be easier. When you find an email you want to print, tap the Reply button on the bottom of the screen. Tap Print. From there, select your Printer, the number of copies, the page range, and see a preview. Then tap Print! You can find step-by-step instructions on how to print emails from your iPhone here.


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