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 I have been looking for a good quality affordable screen protector for the iPad. I wanted to add a little screen protection and get a sheet that helps cut down on the fingerprints. I did not really want to spend $25-$30 for one screen protector, because I have always had a problem putting them on the smaller devices.  I figured putting one on the iPad would put me over the edge. I did not want to throw $25 bucks down the drain and have to throw it out because I messed it up too bad. I would not mind putting a few extra bucks in to get a high quality product, because in the end it’s usually worth it. But I was not going to take a chance on this, just in case. I went to HandHeldItems.com because I know they had some iPad accessories there. I found a three pack of anti-Glare, Anti-Fingerprint, Matte finish protector for $10.00. So I figured for $10 I would try it out. I found a $5 coupon online so I basically got express shipping for free. I could have chosen a cheaper shipping and made my purchase $8.00 in the end but I figured I would live a little.

            They arrived in the mail today. The pictures I have attached are the front and back of the package. Inside is a cardboard sheet which has the protector in a plastic sleeve, a cardboard applicator and a cleaning cloth. They are packed individually because you can buy singles.

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             I installed the protector but my shaking hands did not align it perfectly. I figured I could live with that and got rid of all the bubbles. I had cleaned the screen beforehand and noticed after the fact that I had got some dust trapped under a few spots. I lifted the screen shield and used some tape to get rid of it. I then decided to re-align it, which is when my application problems started. I got it aligned to my liking but no matter how careful I was, I got more crap stuck underneath. Have I told you yet that I hate installing screen shields? Now, this was totally my fault, so I decided to scrap the first one and start fresh. I did not want to deal with it anymore. Take a deep breath, check. Unpackage second shield, check.  I installed a second one with no problems and got rid of the air bubbles. It looked and felt pretty good on the device. Very smooth.

             I went out for the evening to my Uncles house and brought the pad with me. A couple people including myself used it. I thought it felt very smooth. My wife says she did not like the feel of it on her fingers. I was looking at the iPad when I got home and noticed there are about three or four very noticeable scratch marks/sections on the screen shield.  The iPad was the only thing in my bag so nothing there scratched it. I have a feeling that someone’s finger nails may have done that. I would have thought though that the screen protectors would have help prevent most of that. It still protected my screen and it will no doubt get more wear and tear from use, but at this rate, if it is a crappy shield, I can see replacing the protector sooner than later. To be fair, I can’t say that it’s definitely related to the screen shield. It may have been some freaky incident. This is only the first day, so I will see what happens in the coming weeks and report back either way. If anyone has already tried these out, let me know the good and the bad in the comments below.

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 (Note that I did try to get some pictures of it on the pad but could not get any clear enough shots).

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