How to Restore Apps to Their Original Layout on iPhone

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Sometimes you need to do some app housecleaning. Maybe your kid moved your apps around, or maybe you just want to see what apps you have. For example, I have 69 apps on the first screen and 67 on the second. Of course, they’re in folders, but sometimes I lose track and need to do an app purge. If you’re like me, or just need a fresh start, take a few quick steps in your settings to restore apps to their original default Apple layout. 

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How to Restore Apps to Their Original Layout

*Please note that restoring your apps to the default Apple layout will cause all your apps to be removed from their folders.

  • Open the Settings app.

  • Tap General.

  • Select Reset. Be careful in this menu—you can do some serious damage to your settings and device in here!

  • Tap Reset Home Screen Layout.

  • Confirm Reset Home Screen.

Your built-in apps will return to Apple-standard positions. The rest will fill up as many screens as necessary. All folders will also be deleted.

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