How to Scroll Instead of Turning Pages in the Books App

Apple's Books app, formerly iBooks, allows iPhone and iPad users to purchase, save, and read books and PDFs. The Books app offers a page-turning animation to mimic the experience of reading a hardcopy book. Some people enjoy this type of e-book reading experience, while others find it unnecessary or annoying. Fortunately, it's easy to switch off the page-turning animation. We've already gone over how to buy e-books and audiobooks in the Books app, as well as how to save e-books and audiobooks to purchase later. Now, let's cover how to read those e-books by scrolling through, rather than turning virtual pages. 

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To turn on scrolling in the Books app:

  1. Open the e-book that you'd like to scroll through and tap the page.

    apple books appebook on iphone
  2. Tap the double-A icon.
  3. Toggle on Scrolling View.

    ebook settings on iphoneturn on ebook scrolling on iphone
  4. The scroll bar is to the right; you can see how far you've progressed in your reading, and move the circle to jump to different parts of your e-book.

    ebook scroll bar

Any time you want to switch back to page-by-page turning, just toggle off Scrolling View.

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