Do You Secretly Dream of Being an iOS Ninja?

If you read that headline and thought, "Wait, what? Of course I want to be an iOS ninja. How do I get started?" you should definitely sign up for the iPhone Life Tip of the Day Newsletter. In fact, here's our list of all the people who could benefit from receiving our short but super handy iPhone tips and tricks everyday in their inbox:

Anyone who secretly dreams of being an iOS ninja.

The daily tip newsletter can be your ninjutsu master and teach you how swipe through Settings menus, defeat iPhone annoyances, and make Siri bow to your greatness.


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Kids whose parents are way more awesome at using an iPhone than they are.

Kids, you NEED to sign up for the tips newsletter. Like, right now.


Those who suspect that their iPhone might be capable of more than calls and texts.
If you wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to setting up your email or adding an event to your calendar, we can help you. 


People with a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out).
If only she were an iPhone master like those people on the right.
More than 36,000 iOS users have signed up to get free iPhone tips and tricks sent straight to their inboxes since the tips newsletter debuted six months ago, and thousands more are signing up every month. And they're ALL better at using an iPhone than you are. Don't be the only one, sign up today!


Seriously. We can't think of anyone who shouldn't sign up for this newsletter.

Subscribe to the free iPhone Life Tip of the Day Newsletter and you will soon have your friends and family watching in awe as you casually do things like name the alarms on your iPhone, revert edited photos back to the original, change your default browser in Safari, delete emails from your iPhone at the speed of light, and more.

Congratulations for mastering triple-click shortcuts on your iPhone!


Are you ready to embrace your destiny as an iPhone master? Sign up today!

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