Tip of the Day: How to Set Triple Click Shortcuts

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The Accessibility feature on the iPhone is designed to make life easier for someone with a disability. If you have visual issues or motor impairments your iPhone can accommodate you. iUsers without disabilities also find many of these features to be useful when interacting with their devices. An easy way to turn these features on or off or switch between them is to use the triple click-shortcut on your Home button.

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When you set a triple click shortcut, you have several Accessibility options to choose from:

VoiceOver will tell you what’s on your screen. Wherever you tap on the screen, a voice tells you what action it will perform or will read the words on the screen.

Invert Colors allows those who are color blind to read the screen easier. It’s also a great feature to make the screen easier on the eyes in the dark.

Zoom allows you to magnify elements on the screen up to 1,500 percent.

Switch Control lets you control your iPhone with head movements using the FaceTime camera or through Bluetooth adaptive accessories.

Assistive Touch lets you create your own custom gestures to control your iPhone.

Here’s how to enable the triple click shortcut: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and tap on Accessibility Shortcut; then choose the features you’d like to use when you triple click the home button. If more than one feature is checked, you will be given those options after triple clicking and you can choose one. To deactivate the feature, simply triple click again.


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