How to Update Your Facebook Profile and Cover Image

How to Update Your Facebook Profile and Cover Image

Our phones have officially become our cameras too, with our Photos apps full of everything from selfies to vacation shots. Yet how do you take that suave picture of youself and put it on Facebook? Or, upload that gorgeous photo you took of Niagara Falls as your cover image? Easily.

Open your Facebook app. Along the bottom menu, click on More.

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The first column will be your current profile picture and name. Tap your name to open up your profile page.


In the bottom-right corner of your profile picture and cover image is a small camera. Tap the camera and four options appear: View Profile Picture, Upload Photo, Choose From Tagged Photos, and Cancel.

Choose Upload Photo and select desired photo.
Move and Scale the photo to fit the square: pinch two fingers to zoom, use one finger to reposition. Then select Done.

To change your cover image, return to your profile and  tap the bottom-right camera. Your options are View Cover Photo, Upload Photo, and Choose from Tagged Photos. Tap Upload Photo. If it's your first time uploading a cover image, Facebook will ask permission to use your Camera Roll; select Allow.

A menu of your most recent pictures will appear; tap the chosen image. Drag to reposition the photo to fit the space (pro tip: cover images will appear differently on iPhone and computer screens. Check both after uploading to be sure you like the cropping.) Select Save and enjoy.


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