Who Accepts Apple Pay? A List of Stores + How to Find Apple Pay Locations Nearby

From big chain stores to small businesses, Apple Pay is accepted at over four million locations. Still, it's not always obvious whether or not a retailer accepts Apple Pay. If you want to know where Apple Pay is accepted, there are a couple different methods to use. I’ll include a general list of stores that you can use Apple Pay at; but it would be nearly impossible to list all the stores, which is why I’ll also give you some tips on how to find Apple Pay locations near you. You can actually view places that take Apple Pay in the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad, which is the most accurate way I’ve found for knowing what stores, whether local or corporate, accept Apple Pay. So, who accepts Apple Pay? Let’s take a look at where you can use Apple Pay.

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I’ll get to the general list of stores that accept Apple Pay soon, but I want to interject that naming exactly who accepts Apple Pay and where you can use Apple Pay isn’t easy. There are far too many businesses and stores that accept Apple Pay for any one website to name them all. (But a lot of people seem to want to know, “does Mcdonald's accept Apple Pay?” And the answer is yes.) Now while I can only list so many stores that accept Apple Pay within this article, I can also give you the tools to figure out if any store you’re thinking of going to (or you’re at right now!) accepts Apple Pay. It’ll break down in this order (click a section below to skip ahead):

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Where in the World is Apple Pay?

Now, it’s good to note that while Apple Pay can be found in some of the countries around the world, it’s not nearly as prominent or accessible as in the United States. The UK and Canada are two countries you’re more likely to find stores with Apple Pay and banks or credit unions that allow you to use Apple Pay. Other countries that have Apple Pay to one extent or another include Japan, France, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, China, Spain, and Australia. Apple is working to bring Apple Pay to Italy, Germany, and even more so into all the countries listed above.

That being said, this article focuses mainly on Apple Pay stores in the United States and Canada. I’ll also include a resource for everyone regardless of location so you can find out if your bank or credit union accepts Apple Pay. And our tip on finding places that accept Apple Pay near you should also work in other countries so long as you’re using the Maps app on your iPhone.

The Big List of Apple Pay Stores

As I stated above, it would be nearly impossible to list all of the stores that accept Apple Pay. It’s easier to know if a franchise or corporation accepts Apple Pay, but small businesses can use Apple Pay too, which is why being able to figure out where Apple Pay is accepted using Maps is a great tip to check out below. Here’s some popular large restaurants and stores that accept Apple Pay via Apple’s website:

Again, that’s the tip of a much larger iceberg. The next tip will allow you to use Apple Maps on your iPhone to see if any store nearby accepts Apple Pay.

How to Find Places that Accept Apple Pay Near Me

We use Apple Maps to get directions to a location, so it only makes sense that you’d be able to see if that location accepts Apple Pay within the Maps app as well. This is a great way to see if the store you’re about to go visit will take Apple Pay. Or, if you’re planning a trip, use this tip to see where along the route you can use Apple Pay.

  • On iPhone, open the Maps app.
  • Search for the place you want to use Apple Pay.
  • Tap on the location to bring up its information.
  • From the bottom of the screen, swipe up to scroll down to the extra info on the location.
  • Below hours and above Yelp reviews, there will be a Useful to Know section or something of the like. Look for the Apple Pay logo or something that says, “Accepts Apple Pay.”

  • If you don’t see either of those things, the place does not accept Apple Pay.

This tip is particularly helpful for knowing whether or not individual stores or smaller businesses accept Apple Pay. It’s good to note that there are apps specifically designed for locating places that accept Apple Pay, but I tried a few of them and found their accuracy to be splotchy at best.

How to Find Apps that Accept Apple Pay

Up until this point, I’ve focused solely on physical store locations that accept Apple Pay. But there are a lot of apps that support Apple Pay and even some websites. In general, if you’re in Safari and checking out with an online store, you’ll know if they accept Apple Pay because the option will either be there or it won’t. But it’s not as obvious with apps. For example, Target doesn’t (yet) accept Apple Pay in stores but, it does accept Apple Pay via the Target app. Luckily, you can look specifically at apps that accept Apple Pay in the App Store on your iPhone; here’s how:

  • On iPhone, open up the App Store.
  • Go to the Search tab and search for Apple Pay.
  • A box will be near the top that has the Apple Pay logo and says Apps with Apple Pay. Tap Browse Now.

Now you’re looking at only apps that accept Apple Pay. Download any apps you want to use. There are other ways to access this page in the App Store, but I found this to be the easiest.

Does Your Bank or Credit Union Support Apple Pay? Find Out

Apple is consistently adding more banks and credit unions to the list. Just recently, I checked the list to see that the credit union I use is finally Apple Pay ready. Regardless of your location in the world, Apple has an alphabetical list of the all the banks and credit unions that accept Apple Pay here. If you’re just getting set up with Apple Pay (or like me, have been using your credit card for Apple Pay until your bank is added to the list) this is a great place to check, and if necessary, check again.


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