Skybuds: Truly Wireless Earbuds

The devices we listen to music on have evolved greatly, yet the devices we listen with haven’t changed much. Skybuds wants to change that with truly wireless earbuds that store and charge from your smartphone case.

Skybuds inventor Alpha Audiotronics is currently funding the product with Kickstarter and accepting preorders for the product. Skybuds comes with a streamlined battery case which charges both the iPhone and earbuds. The case is protective and includes compartments for the small, wireless earbuds, which connect via Bluetooth.

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The earbuds are secured on either end of the case at the bottom, and the case has a small button which releases and activates them. When the earbuds are docked, they automatically charge. Skybuds includes an app which allows you to monitor battery levels of the case and earbuds, set recharging preferences, and track misplaced earbuds. The app also enables the earbuds to be paired with any Bluetooth device.

To learn more, watch the video below or visit Alpha’s Kickstarter page.




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