Review: ANNKE Smart Floodlight Includes HD Camera, Siren & More

For two decades, I've been adding smart features to my home, including a video doorbell, smart light switches, Alexa devices and more. But for most of that time, I have relied on X-10 motion-sensing floodlights and analog cameras for security. But now that changes, because ANNKE sent me a Floodlight Cam ($135.99) to try and, while not perfect, it has many benefits over the older technology.

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The lighting element is a bright LED unit with a solid metal housing. The installation was easy, with just a live wire, a neutral wire, and ground to connect. Below the light is a motion sensing camera unit that connects over Wi-Fi to send alerts, video, and two-way audio. The recordings are stored on a microSD (not included, up to 64 GB supported) or in the cloud with an optional subscription. 

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The video quality is good, at 1080p resolution. It doesn't technically have night vision, but it's designed to turn the light on when needed for recording. The sensor has AI (Artifiical Intelligence) to detect intruders, but not animals; I have a lot of deer in my neighborhood, so this is nice. Or you can specify coverage areas to include or ignore. Alerts can be pushed to your iPhone. You can then launch the app and watch the action. You can respond with audio from your iPhone's microphone. Notifications also go to your Apple Watch, although there is no Apple Watch companion app—which would have been nice to control the 100 decibel siren or talk to visitors.


The unit is well-built and available in black or white. Considering it is about half the price of the leading competitor, it's a good value. However, I would like the app to add more features like scheduling for notifications and lighting and HomeKit and Alexa integration.



  • 1080p camera with recording to microSD card or cloud (optional)
  • AI sensing and motion-activation
  • Two-way audio and phone-activated siren
  • Well-built, in black or white
  • Half the price of the leading competitor


  • App needs more feature like scheduling, HomeKit, Alexa integration
  • An Apple Watch version of the app would be helpful

Final Verdict

The ANNKE Floodlight Cam is an affordable enhancement for home security that could get better if the app is improved.

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