Review: The Sandman Clock Doubles as a Multi-Device Charging Station

 The Sandman Clock Doubles as a Multi-Device Charging Station

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, I almost skipped past the Sandman Clocks booth. After all, how high tech can a clock be and what does a clock have to do with iPhones? A lot, as it turns out. The 4-Port USB Charging Clock ($29) from Sandman Clocks is first and foremost a clock. That is apparent from the bright and large red LED numerals that are easy to see, day and night. They take up almost the full size of the clock, which is great, especially if you keep it far away from your nightstand. But what really sets the Sandman Clock apart is that it has four USB ports, including a high powered port for charging tablets, which allows it to act as a multi-device charging station. I have my iPhone, iPad mini, Apple TV Siri remote, and Apple Watch on my nightstand. This could charge all of those and not take up any more wall outlets. The Sandman Clock would be ideal for hotels that want to accommodate their guests' many USB devices, without making them unplug a lamp as I've had to do too often.

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The clock offers an attractive minimalist design and is available in a black or white shell. At $29 (+ $6 shipping), it's one of the most affordable items I saw at CES and considering it is not just a clock but a four-port multi-device charging station, that's a great price. My only concern is that the USB ports are hidden in back, which keeps them out of the way; but in a hotel, I might not think to look for them. A hotel might want to add a sticker that tells the guest about the ports, or even include a cheap microUSB cable and run it underneath the clock, using the built-in channel, to the front of the clock, to serve as an indicator to the ports in the back.


  • Attractive and simple design
  • Large display
  • Doubles as a four-port, multi-device charging station
  • Very affordable


  • USB ports hidden in back

Final Verdict

The four-Port USB Charging Clock from Sandman Clocks "buys you time" and space because you don't have to unplug other appliances to keep four devices charged or plug in four wall chargers! 

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