How to Use Siri to Turn Your iPhone Flashlight On & Off

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Your iPhone's flashlight is one of its most simple, yet useful, features, and through the years it's gotten easier and more convenient to use. With iOS 12, you can simply ask Siri to turn your flashlight on and off for you. We've already gone over how to turn your iPhone's flashlight on and off from the Control Center, so now let's get started learning the easiest way to turn on your iPhone flashlight. 

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This is a super easy one:

  • Activate Siri with the Side button for iPhones X and later, or the Home button for earlier models; you can also use the "Hey Siri" feature if you have it set up.
  • Say, "turn on flashlight" to turn your iPhone's flashlight on.
  • Say, "turn off flashlight" to turn it back off again.

turn on iphone flashlightturn off iphone flashlight

You can't use Siri to make your flashlight brighter or dimmer yet, but that will probably happen with a future iOS.

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