Mother’s Day Tech Gifts She’ll Actually Use

This year, Mother’s Day falls on May 8. That means it’s time to buy a gift and plan for flowers. I don’t care who you are, your mom waddled around for nine months and gained a tiger’s skin worth of stretch marks (or went through a strenuous adoption process) — the least you can do is get her a gift to show your appreciation. Even if your mom isn’t a tech pro, there are plenty of tech items she would love and get a lot of wonderful use out of. Here’s awesome Mother’s day gifts for the tech mom in your life.

Amazon Kindle ($79.99)

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If your mom loves to read, get her the world of unlimited books in a tiny package. The oldest model of the Kindle comes in just under $80, but you could also spring for the newer models if your prefer. Kindle mimics real paper with a glare-free touchscreen that’s easy on the eyes, and she’ll get to try Kindle Unlimited for 30 days, which means she can read to her heart’s content.


Smart Crock-Pot ($129.99)

Especially for working moms, this crockpot will make for a huge time saver. Moms aren’t the only ones cooking, but they still do most of it. And nobody wants to go home after work only to stand in the kitchen. She’ll be able to control the temperature and cook time while she’s still at the office and come home to a prepared dinner.


I Love Mom iPhone Case ($29.75)

This adorable case will warm your mother’s heart. A slim fit case with the picture of a mom being hugged by her child, the case is available in the son version as well as this daughter version. The case will protect her phone from small drops, and she'll be reminded of your love each time she looks at it. 


Softcover Photo Book ($17.99)

Physical picture albums are disappearing. Now we have thousands of photos on a tiny device, but rarely are they on display or shared outside the world of the internet. Get mom her own keepsake with this softcover photo book. Simply choose the shape and photos you want to add. She’ll receive a beautiful memento of memories.


Aervana Electric Wine Aerator ($99.98)

I don’t know about your Mamma but mine loves her wine. If you could improve my mom’s wine without her having to spend more money on the wine itself, she would love you forever. Enter Aervana. Aerating wine brings out the flavor and aroma of wine, but too much aeration and the flavor goes flat. Aervana takes the guesswork out of the process by aerating the perfect amount for the glass you’re pouring.


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