How to Make Your Own Emoji on iPhone with the Emoji Me App

iPhone emojis and Memoji stickers are fun to send to friends and family, but if you have an older phone that can't create emojis, or you're looking for the best emojis for every occasion, you can try a third-party app. So, how do you get an emoji that looks like you? You can make your own emojis with Emoji Me Face Maker. Emoji Me, a free custom emoji maker, lets users custom design their own free emojis and send them in sticker or GIF form in the Messages app.

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Which iPhones Can Do Memojis & Animoji? 

Any iPhone that can upgrade to iOS 13, meaning the iPhone SE and later can make and send Memoji stickers. However, only the iPhone X and later can create animated Memoji and Animoji. If you have an older iPhone, or would just like an expanded cute, cool, and funny emoji and GIF repertoire, read on. For more great emoji and Memoji tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day

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Download the Emoji Me App on iPhone 

  1. Open the App Store app on your iPhone or iPad and enter Emoji Me Sticker Maker in the Search bar.

    apple app store
  2. Tap Get, and then Open once the app has been downloaded.

    tap open emoji maker app

Now the fun can really begin!

Use the Emoji Generator 

Now you'll go through the process of creating your own personalized emoji; it can look like you, or any character you can dream up.

  1. Choose your starting face.

    choose starting face animated emoji
  2. Then take a picture of yourself or grant access to the photos on your iPhone and choose one to upload.

    make an emoji of your self with a photo
  3. Now you get to go about adjusting the face shape, skin tone, hair color and highlights, and features of your emoji; there are tons of choices!

    make your own emoji look like you
  4. Tap Next after you've made each selection to move on to the next set of features to choose from.

    tap next to choose your next custom emoji feature
  5. You can even add wrinkles to make the emoji look your age!

    awesome emoji with wrinkles
  6. There are also individual extra purchases, like makeup and clothes, that you can add on, or a bundle of every extra for $24.99. Even if you don't buy any extras, though, the free app version has tons of cool options to enjoy.

    accessories for emoji stickers
  7. Once you've finished your emoji, tap Save in the upper right corner, and you'll be able to view all your paid and free emoji options.

    cute text emojis

Use Your Custom Emojis in Messages 

Now you can add your emoji to the text messages you send from your iPhone; there are lots of stickers and GIFs to choose from. All you have to do to access your new emojis is:

  1. Scroll to find the Emoji Me icon in the app drawer.

    swipe to find Emoji Me app
  2. Tap the icon.

    tap the emoji me icon to use custom emojis
  3. Select an emoji, then tap the send arrow as usual.

    emoji stickers in text message
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