Kuke Case Puts Apple’s Battery Pack to Shame & Provides Extra Storage

When Apple released its hunchback battery case, users were less than impressed by the company's ability to hide the extra power. It’s generally accepted in the battery case world that a case that recharges will also add a significant amount of bulk to your iPhone. Well it’s time to strip that assumption away and set a higher standard, because Kuke by Kuner ($46) has proven you can do it another way.

For a point of comparison, Apple’s battery case has a 1,877 milliamp-hour battery according to AppleInsider. Apple makes big claims for the case on its website but doesn’t mention the mAh anywhere. Plus, Apple’s case cost $99.

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The Kuke, on the other hand, has a 2,400 mAh battery. But Kuke isn’t just a battery case; it provides extra storage too. You can get a Kuke battery case with either 16 gigabytes or 64 GB of extra space, which is managed on your iPhone with the Kuke app. The price depends on the storage, but right now the Kuke with 16 GB included goes for 298 Chinese Yuan or roughly $46 usd.

If specs and price tags aren’t enough to convince you, look at this side-by-side comparison of battery case thickness:

What makes Kuke by Kuner above and beyond its competition is how incredibly thin the case is while providing a 2,400 mAh battery plus 16 GB (minimum) of storage space. If you own a 16 GB iPhone, this case could make your storage management significantly easier to deal with.

To test it out, I let my iPhone battery drain to about 10%. Then I connected the fully charged Kuke case to my iPhone and clocked how long it took for the case to fully recharge my iPhone. Three hours later, my iPhone was fully powered and the Kuke case had about 15% of its juice left. Luckily, charging the Kuke case is convenient too. Some battery cases require a microUSB charging cord, which means you have to charge your iPhone and your battery case separately. The Kuke allows you to charge both your phone and the case simultaneously as it uses a lightning port to charge instead. I found this to be super useful.


  • Sleekest battery and storage case I’ve seen.

  • Charges your iPhone and provides up to 64 GB of extra storage.

  • Easy to use Kuke app


  • Be careful when removing iPhone so as to not snap lightning port off.

Final Verdict:

Kuke is a game changer for the battery case market. It’s affordable, provides less bulk than any iPhone battery case I’ve ever seen, and includes extra storage space as well. Unless you need a battery case with more than 2,400 mAh, there’s no reason not to get Kuke.

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