How to Turn On Mono Audio for AirPods

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Most people prefer listening to audio on their AirPods in stereo (where sound is fed through at least two channels). This requires listening to both AirPods to get the full dual-channel experience. But what if you only want to use one AirPod? You're going to miss out on the sounds coming through the other AirPod. Mono audio is a feature on iPhones that makes sure you don't miss anything when using one ear instead of two. Whether you have hearing loss in one ear, want to share the other AirPod with someone else, have misplaced one of your AirPods, or just want to keep one ear tuned in to what's going on around you, it's possible to make all the sound come out of one AirPod by enabling Mono Audio in your Accessibility Settings. Switching to this single channel setting means you'll be able to hear all the audio from either AirPod, so you can choose which AirPod to use.  

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How to Turn On Mono Audio for AirPods

To enable Mono Audio: 

  1. First have your AirPods paired to your device.
  2. Open the Settings app.
  3. Next, tap Accessibility.

  4. Tap Audio/Visual.
  5. Toggle Mono Audio on.
  6. If you later want to listen in stereo again, repeat these steps and toggle Mono Audio off.

Now you can have the complete audio experience with one AirPod! If you're sharing the other AirPod with a friend, or just habitually only using one at a time, you might want to keep in mind how to find a lost AirPod. Next, learn how to make AirPods louder or quieter to suit your needs.

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