How to Switch to Satellite View in Apple Maps on iPhone

Here's a fun thing to try with Apple Maps on your iPhone; did you know you can change your Maps settings from Map to Satellite and see all the real-life detail of the area you're viewing? This setting is Apple's version of the popular Google Street View. Let's get started learning how to change Apple Maps' settings to Satellite now. 

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To change your Maps setting to Satellite:

  • Open the Maps app.
  • Tap on the information icon (the lowercase i) at the upper right of your display.

apple maps street viewbest maps

  • Tap Satellite.
  • Tap the x to exit Maps Settings and return to full screen.

apple maps navigationapple satellite view

  • Now, instead of an animated map, you'll see one created from satellite photography.
  • To zoom out, bring two fingers together in a pinching gesture on your screen. To zoom in, reverse the gesture and move your fingers outwards from the point you'd like to enlarge.

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