How to Use Remind Me Later on Your iPhone When You Need to Decline a Call

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If I get a call on my iPhone when I'm busy, I'll tap Decline and immediately forget that someone called me. I was happy to discover that there's a callback feature on my iPhone that will remind me to call back later. Here's how to decline phone calls and get a callback reminder with Remind Me Later, so you won't be playing phone tag for days on end.

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What Does Remind Me Later on the iPhone Do & How Does It Work?

Remind Me Later gives iPhone users the ability to tap more than just Decline or Accept when a call comes through. The callback reminder feature was introduced with iOS 6 and the steps changed slightly with the introduction of compact call notifications in iOS 14. Here's how Remind me Later works:

  1. When you receive an incoming call, tap the call notification to see additional options.
  2. Tap Remind Me, which is above Decline

    tap the call notificationchoose when i leave or remind me in an hour
  3. Now, tap When I leave to receive a callback reminder when you've left your current location, or In 1 hour for a reminder one hour from when you declined the call.

    tap remind me option on iPhone
  4. When you tap your selection, the call will be automatically declined and sent to Voicemail; that's it! Now you won't forget to call people back when you've had to decline a call from them.

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