How to Quickly Return to Main Home Screen on iPhone X

Apple confused quite a few people when it removed the Home button from the iPhone X. Now that we're mostly used to using gestures, swipes, and the Home bar instead of relying on the Home button, it's time to learn a few more easy iPhone X tricks for navigating quickly around our devices. One important one, especially for people with page after page of apps, is learning how to get back to the main Home screen on their iPhone X. The main Home screen on your iPhone X is often the screen that contains all the apps you use the most, which for me includes the Calendar app, the App Store app, the Photos app, you know—all the important apps I use all day! So let's get started learning how to save time by returning to your primary Home screen on iPhone X with one easy gesture.

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How to Return to Main Home Screen on iPhone X With A Swipe

As we learned in a previous daily tip, you can exit out of any app on iPhone X by simply swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen. But now what? Do you really have to swipe through all your app pages to get back to your main Home screen? Nope!

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  • To exit any app, swipe up from the bottom of the page.
  • Now you're back to the Home screen your app is located on.

iphone home screenopen home screen iphone x

  • To get back to your primary Home screen, swipe up one more time.

go to home screen iphone x

  • Here you are, back at your main Home screen!

go to the home screen iphone x

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