How to Add Someone to Favorites in the People Album of Photos (2023 Update)

When you mark someone as a Favorite, the Photos app will place them at the top of your People album, so it’s easy to find their pictures.

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Did you know Apple's Photos app allows users to add Favorites to the People album? When you mark someone as a Favorite, the Photos app will place them at the top of your People album, so it’s easy to find their pictures. Here’s how to add someone to your Favorites in the People album on an iPhone.

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Why You'll Love This Tip

  • Keep photos of friends and family properly organized in your iPhone's People album.
  • Find pictures of your favorite people more quickly.

How to Add Someone to Your Favorites in the People Album on iPhone & iPad

This is a particularly helpful way to organize photos of many different people in your People album, because you'll be able to keep the pictures you access most at the top of your album. For more great ways to keep your photos organized, check out our free Tip of the Day

  1. Open the Photos app.

    apple photos app
  2. Tap the Albums tab and tap the People album.

    iphone people album
  3. Tap Select.

    tap Select to choose favorites in people album
  4. Tap the person or people you want to add to Favorites; a white checkmark in a blue circle will appear, then tap Favorite.
  5. You can also unfavorite people by using this method and tapping Remove.

    tap favorite to add people to favorites in people album
  6. If you already have at least one person in the Favorites section, touch, hold, and drag another person’s icon to the top of the page to add them to Favorites.

    drag photo to favorites
  7. When finished using either method, you'll see the people you added to Favorites at the top of the screen, tagged with a white heart/blue circle icon. 

    favorites in people album

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