How to Sketch in Notes

How to Sketch in Notes
Notes receives my award for most improved app of the iOS 9 update. One of the big upgrades is the Sketch feature. Now, Notes combines text, sketch, picture, and sharing to give you many note-taking options. With three different "marker" tips, a ruler, eraser, and color easel, it's a pretty basic sketch application, but it's effective and easily combined with text or images. 

Open Notes; select a folder. Start a new note by tapping the pencil and paper icon in the bottom, right corner. 
To add more than text, tap the plus sign. A menu with your Notes options comes up. Tap the squiggle to sketch.
In sketch, choose a color by tapping the circle on the tools menu, next select one of three tips for different drawing widths. You can use the back button (at the top) or the eraser to undo mistakes.

 There is also a ruler for straight or angled lines. When you're happy with your sketch, select Done. 

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The sketch will be added to your note. You can add another sketch, a picture, or text, then share it with the world.


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