How to Prevent Apps from Updating Automatically

How to Prevent Apps from Updating Automatically

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App developers are consistently releasing updates and upgrades to improve in-app experiences and to fix bugs. To make this process easy, your iPhone will automatically download available updates over Wi-Fi. Apps, books, and music you purchase on other devices are also automatically downloaded. If you prefer to updte your apps manually, here’s how to turn the option off.

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Open the Settings app. Scroll down and tap iTunes & App Stores.

Under Automatic Downloads you’ll see options for Music, Apps, Books, and Updates. To prevent apps from automatically updating, toggle off Updates. To prevent app purchases made on other devices from automatically downloading, toggle off Apps.

If by some chance you’re of the opposite stance and would like purchases to sync and apps to download around the clock, you can toggle on Use Cellular Data. Beware of the data tab you’ll rake up by doing this. Also, Automatic Downloads are automatically turned off when your iPhone is in Low Power Mode.

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